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Thread: He Wont Stop Eating

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    Hello everyone
    my first post here. new mom. JT is 17 days old and an awesome baby boy. but. this whole nursing thing has me crazed. He wants to eat ALL THE TIME. could he not be getting enough?? He only gained 2 ounces on his 2 week check up but has good poops and peepee diapers. I have large breasts so i dont know if maybe he's not getting enough of the nipple in there?? He not only wants to nurse more often then every 2 hours, its for LONG periods of time...up to an hour and then he dozes and wants more. thats the other thing..he falls asleep super fast at the breast. i'm exhasuted and frustrated. please tell me this gets better.

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    It gets better. The 1st 6weeks, the baby is working on pure instinct. Let him. His job at this point is to regulate your milk supply and make sure you continue to make enough to nourish a growing child. These 1st 6weeks, wrap your mind around the idea that your ONLY job is to feed your child. Most of us set up a "Nursing station" those 1st 6weeks. A place in the house where you will be most comfortable for the majority of the day. The couch or a bed. With all the remotes, phones if you want them, a huge glass of water and handy snacks. Plan on getting up to pee, change diapers and get yourself more food. That's it. The house work will wait. This opportunity to establish this nursing relationship with your child, you only have now to do it in. Embrace it. As long as these days and nights seem and trust me I know how long they are, I promise you that you will blink your eyes and be celebrating your child's 1st B-day. Stay focused. This is truly the absolute single best thing you can ever do to ensure your child has the best start.
    Congratulations on your baby!

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    are you in pain?
    breast compressions can keep the baby at the breast a little bit longer and for more milk.
    Its normal for babies that age to nurse up to 12 times in 24 hours and cluster feed, (sometimes more in the eve.)
    Is he sleeping at night?
    Sometimes when they start to sleep beter at night (3-4) hour streches they nurse more often during the day to tank up for sleep.
    check out this link

    lots of babies take up to 2 weeks or more to regain thier birth weight, and your baby did gain so thats great. Maybe just some tweaking will get baby nursing beter and gaining more weight.
    don't be afraid to call your local leader shes around to help

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