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Thread: Mom to be - scared to death

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    No horror stories here, both my kids latched on in the hospital and nursed with no problems. My daughter weaned on her own around eight months (probably a nursing strike, but it just felt natural and I didn't question it then) and my son is almost fifteen months and still loves it. The first couple of weeks are tough - it hurts in the beginning when they first latch on, but it's so amazingly, incredibly worth it. I LOVE nursing.

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    Being lazy here today and didn't really read the previous posts but I am sure I will be repeating information but here it is anyway.
    Get as informed as you possibly can and hearing those horror stories followed up by how they got through them and ended up with a beautiful nursing relationship can only prepare you for the worst that can happen but still give you hope that you can achieve a satisfying nursing relationship. I was in the middle with my experience, DD latched good on one side and we worked on the other side until it was right. I got lots of help from the nurses and LC at the hospital along with an at home nurse that stopped in for the first couple of weeks. At first take each experience one at time. One nursing session might not be great but the next might be great. I just kept telling myself, "you can do this" and as long as it is important to you then you can do it. Hopefully everything will work out fine and you will look back on your worries and laugh. Stay connected with people that have successfully breastfed and definately go to LLL meetings. Stay on this board as I have found many comforting and helpful answers. As for the hospital, the best advice I can give is communicate with the staff that is with you your wishes. The hospital I gave birth in respected my wishes (had a planned C-section due to her being breeched) and the nurse immediately put DD to my breast as soon as I got into recovery. Even the nurses that did not personally breastfeed their babies were helpful to me while I was there.
    Enjoy this time and congrats! Everything will work out fine.

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    I was in the same boat as you not long ago. My dd is 4.5 months now and when I was pregnant with her, I was also scared to death about bf. I will tell you that I ran into a few difficult moments -- trouble with dd latching on at first and having to supplement for a few days with formula, engorgement, and leaking -- but it has all been worth it. I never had mastitis (knock on wood) but I have had a few plugged ducts since returning to work and pumping but I've managed to work them out before they got too bad. Now I look forward to coming home at night to be able to bond with my dd when I feed her! You'll do just fine and yeah to you for learning all you can about it before the time comes!

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    I just had to chime in. There are more of us out there than you know. Lucky moms with no problems.

    My daughter was latched on about 5 minutes after birth and then we were off. 26 months later, we are still enjoying a good relationship.

    So don't fear anything, you will do great. Just read, read up on everything you can find. And any problems you have, come here and you are bound to find the support.

    Good Luck!!!!

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    You know...sometimes there is a needed adjustment period. When I had my daughter 5 years ago, I had massive engorgement, clogged ducts, etc. I did "suffer" for several days not knowing what to do. Someone recommend I call a LLL Leader...which I did. She armed me with the knowledge of what could be done...I did it all and shortly afterwards, I was enjoying the experience of breastfeeding my child with no problems.

    My nipples were very, very, very sore. Not everyone has that. But, none-the-less...knowing that it is a short-term thing...knowing that there are ways to alleviate the discomfort, knowing that it is temporary always helped me get through...always encouraged me to keep going.

    The most important thing you can do is arm yourself with knowledge. It's grea that you joined this board so early in your pregnancy!! The women here are so diverse in opinions and experiences that no matter what issue you may encounter, there is always someone who can give some great pointers!!

    Breastfeeding is wonderful. It is a beautiful experience. And, just like a lot of things in life...there is a "getting used" to period. But, it is not long...and it doesn't have to be. Having a resource to ask questions is a great way to make sure that any discomfort is short-lived.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!! And, congrats on joining this wonderful group of friendly, knowledgable, and very intelligent women!!

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