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Thread: Pooping frequency with solids

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    Default Pooping frequency with solids

    So for about the past 2 weeks I have had Sebastian on somewhat of a scheduel for feeding him solids. I nurse him about 60 minutes before he has a solids meal and still nurse on demand when he wants. I have also been making him all his baby food with the exception of the rice cereal

    Breakfast-1/3 cup rice cereal
    Lunch-2tbsp veggie and 2 tbsp fruit
    snack-2tbsp fruit
    dinner-4tbsp cereal and 2-4tbsp veggie

    He poops about 2-4 times a day now Is this normal? And my goodness...the colours look the same exiting as they did entering if you know what I mean
    Before the regular solids feeding he was a "once a day-er" as far as out put goes. Its almost like he's pooping it all out?
    anyone else having this issue?

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    Default Re: Pooping frequency with solids

    It sounds a lot to me but it may be because my son is not a big pooper or because I was really slow in introducing solids. At 6-7 months I was only giving solids once a day. The poop having the color of the food the baby eats is totally normal. Once the purees are out you will even see pieces of fruits and veggies in there

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    Default Re: Pooping frequency with solids

    That's a lot of poop, sure, but he's also getting a lot of baby food for a young baby.

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