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Thread: I need help setting limits

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    Default I need help setting limits

    I haven't been to these forums in a while, but I need help! Ellie is 19 months and wants to nurse constantly when we're home. She's also nursing a ton at night, but she's teething so I don't mind nursing since it usually puts her to sleep. I'm resenting the constant day nursing though. If I try to deter her from nursing when she wants it, she gets very upset and has a meltdown. Distraction doesn't seem to work. The only boundary I have right now is if she's too wiggly, she gets put down. I can't stand nursing while she's moving around.

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    Default Re: I need help setting limits

    we started with no nursing out an about...
    then moved on to other feeds at home.
    When you start to limit be sure they can get a good feed before and after nap that helps.
    Don't offer don't refuse works well for some moms with babies that age.

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