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    Hello Everyone,

    DD just turned one on the 8th of September. I have been breastfeeding her from the day she was born, she has never had formula, I am feeling it is time to wean her. I am really unsure of how to go about doing this and if it is the right thing to do or not.
    I am scared that once I wean her our bond will not be a strong. I work 25 hours a week and I feel like what keeps up going is breastfeeding. We do a lot of night feedings, I am tired but that is ok I enjoy the quality time with her. I am so frightened that once I wean her and continue to work she will no longer associate with me. I know it sounds silly but it still scares me.
    Another part of me is ready to wean, I am so tired of having to pump on my break at work. She is getting to be so independant that she wants the taste of breat milk with the freedom of a bottle or sippycup. I am also ready to kind of feel like I have my body to myself for a little time before we try for number two. I liked being pregnant and I have loved breastfeeding but it is hard when everything you do has such a tremendous affect on dd health. One of the silliest and most selfish reasons is I am ready to wear pretty bras instead of the ugly nursing bras.
    Any advice anyone has to give would be greatly appreciated. If you are weaning or thinking about weaning how are you going about it?
    Sorry this is so long, I just can't believe how scarred and usure I am about this whole thing.
    Thank you,

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    Have you considered not pumping anymore and just nursing when you two were together? Maybe just getting down to one or two nursing sessions per day?
    If you did want to wean, I would start to cut out the pumping at work.
    When I weaned my dd, I started by cutting out night nursing. After this I put a time limit on all day time nursing. For example, I would make a game of it, when dd asked to nurse I would tell her "until ten" and count to ten, or twenty or whatever number I decided. Sometimes she wouldn't be done at ten so we'd start counting again. After she got used to a time limit on her nursing I decided to start distracting her with other activities when she asked to nurse, like going outside or playing with a favorite toy. Whatever works for you two. I ended up getting down to one session before naptime. If dd asked to nurse at other times I would tell her "later". Usually she'd be happy with that. If I felt that she really needed to nurse though I would let her. Eventually without me offering she just kind of turned to other things. One day she didn't ask to nurse for her nap and that was that. She still talked about nursing from time to time but was content if I told her no.
    So, she was 15 months when I started by night weaning and about 19-20 when completely weaned. At the time I was almost 5 months pregnant. I was sad to see that part of our relationship change, but nursing while pregnant was not for me. My dd had been a BIG comfort nurser, so I knew that I had to take it slow.
    There are a lot of other ways to keep your bond strong. Just spending time doing what seems like normal everyday things to you can be exciting & special to little ones.
    Also, you can check out www.babystyle.com for more upscale pretty nursing bras. Target also carries a more attractive line.
    Sorry so long. Good luck with whatever you decide. You can pm me if you have any questions.

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    You can wean from your pump and nurse when you and baby are together. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing!

    Nightweaning is another option you can move towards.

    Oh, and there are LOTS of pretty nursing bras out there. Hollar if you want links.

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