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Thread: loves solids but cries later

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    Default loves solids but cries later

    My daughter is 7 months old and I've been giving her solids every evening or every other evening for a little over a month. She LOVES solids (rice or oat cereal, avocado, zucchini, pumpkin, chicken, bananas, etc.). She's not very interested in her bottle and it's been a struggle to get her to take down her milk.

    The problem is that she absolutely screams at night and wakes often whenever I give her solids. It really seems like she has a stomach ache, but there are no signs of any other problems.

    So, today, I started by giving her solids in the morning (just a couple Tablespoons of rice cereal), and, this time she screamed horribly before finally settling down for her morning nap (she usually goes to sleep really easily).

    Given that she likes solids so much, should I keep trying to feed her? Is it normal to have a belly ache every time after eating solids? Could I be misreading the cues and there is something else wrong?

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    Default Re: loves solids but cries later

    How often are you feeding her?
    How often does she get the cereal? My son had a horrible time with cereal so we stopped giving it to him (we used oatmeal-only tried rice once it smelled horrible so I can only imagine what it tasted like ) he would get constipated when he ate these so once we stopped giving it to him, he was much better. I dont know if that would work for you, but if your DD is eating other foods just fine, then I think it is okay to cut out the cereals. But that is just my opinion.

    How is she pooping? Have you ruled out gas?
    My guess would be to start eliminating things, do some trial/error. Stop giving her one thing, and she how she reacts. If it doesnt work, try something else. Maybe she is just having a reaction to certain things

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    Default Re: loves solids but cries later

    Just a quick question on how you have been introducing the solids? Normally the recommend only introducing one thing at a time and I've heard you should wait anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks between introducing items.

    That will help you identify items that are problematic for your LO. HTH!!
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    Default Re: loves solids but cries later

    Thank you for the suggestions and questions.

    I have the impression that cereal may be the problem - and I thought that was the one thing that was easy to digest. She poops every day or day and a half, and doesn't seem to have too much trouble with it. I don't know about gas, but her screaming does remind me of when she was younger and had gas pains.

    I haven't been good about giving one thing at a time for a few days. I switch each day.

    I'll try cutting out the cereal and just give her one item for a week. She really likes green stuff - so maybe zucchini or spinach...

    Fingers crossed.

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