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Thread: what's my chance of getting it back?

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    Default what's my chance of getting it back?

    Hi everyone,

    I had to stop nursing my 16 month old for a week starting a few days ago due to my sudden medical condition. I was on steroid for 3 days and was advised to stop nursing for a whole week. I've been pumping only 3 times daily and most of the time just get 4 oz each session. Will I have enough for my daughter when we start again in a week's time? Is 12-13oz daily enough for a 16 month old to stay well? She has 2 meals daily, like congee mixed with meat and veggie, some fruits, juice and biscuits in between. During this period of no bm, I'm trying to give her fresh cow's milk but she doesn't drink much and her diaper situation is a bit worrying. I'm also worried that my daughter wouldn't want to nurse when I'm ready again. She currently weighs about 12kg. I would love to have some support or feed back. Thanks a lot for your patience.

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    Default Re: what's my chance of getting it back?

    It sounds to me that if you can get 4 oz. each session of pumping and you continue to express your milk regularly during this period, the chances of getting back to the breast with little effort are good. You may notice a drop in supply because your baby is not nursing and the milk is not being removed from your breast as efficiently or as often as usual, but if you get her back on the breast ASAP and don't restrict nursings, as least initially, your supply should be back up pretty quickly.

    Did you consult your local LLL Leader about whether the medication is actually a risk during breastfeeding? There is a book called "Medications & Mothers Milk" by Thomas Hale that gives accurate information about the risk factors of each medication when breastfeeding.

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