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Thread: I need some sleep !

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    Question I need some sleep !

    Hello Everyone,
    My LO sleeps great. I haven't had any problems putting her to sleep. I feed her at 10pm and she is out but like clock work she's up again at 2am then again at 5am. Being a 1st time mom, I'm not sure when she should be sleeping longer. The sitter said that my LO is just use to waking up at those hours because I run to her. She also said that I should let her cry it out and that will put her back to sleep. I hate that idea, but I went back to work for the 1st time and it was VERY hard to stay awake. I was also told to put cereal in her bottle...oh gosh everyone tells me so much, but I don't know what to do. What I do know is that I need some sleep !!

    Any advise would be GREAT

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    Dude! You're getting four hours in a row, I'm totally impressed! How old is your baby anyway?

    My thinking about night waking is that they wake up because they want their mommy, maybe some extra calories if they are growing- (not sure if you are working, but babies need their mamas and take it when they can), possibly some pain relief from teething (the oxytocin released in bm works as a pain reliever), and sometimes its a psychological need to be closer to you and bond.
    By going to your baby at night you are validating their importance and needs. I am a staunch believer in thinking that cry-it-out is not a good idea, if avoidable.

    Don't allow outside people to dictate how you respond to your child, they are alllllllll different! It sounds like you are doing a great job being a feeling and responsive mama! There is nothing wrong with that.

    As for sleep, some babies do and some don't. I have a 10 mo old who wakes 9 times a night, and trust me i know tired. But i also know the sweetness of late night cuddling, the dewy open mouth kisses on my cheek and the satisfaction of meeting my child's needs completely. I am sometimes tired and I feel cranky. I am also able to be unresentful about it because Shelly shared this invaluable advice with me: ( I am paraphrasing now) The sooner you let go of your own sleep expectations, the happier and more content you will feel about your nursing relationship. That said, you are getting a total of around 6-7 hours a night, and that is enough to function on.

    All sleep schedules are subject to change anyway. hth

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    It's so hard when everyone tells you something different. Just take the advice and do what you feel is right. My own experience is this: giving my daughter cereal before bed never made a difference with her sleeping. And I'd heard (here I go with the advice) that putting cereal in a bottle can make them choke and not good. Never did that myself though. My dd has also been a pretty good sleeper with the exception of a few times of teething, not feeling well, and whatever other reasons. Her ped recommended letting her cry it out. My dh and I did not feel comfortable with this, so we did something in between for a while. Normal bedtime routine, nursed, and then I layed her in her crib. If she protested too long my dh would go in and rub her and stay with her. At least he was in the room with her, but not holding her. Now she's better about going to bed- she may cry for a few seconds once in a while, but then she's off to sleep. It's so hard knowing she wants me though, but I also want her to develop good sleeping habits and get herself to sleep. That being said- when she wakes during the night- I always go to her and make sure she's okay and dry. I try to get her drowsy again but not feed her (she's old enough for this). This almost always works, but if not then I nurse her which always works!

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    I remember how tired I was when I first went back to work. You and your LO are getting used to a new routine and, in my case, we changed our sleep schedule at the same time to go to bed/get up earlier. I was so tired in those first few weeks. It does get better.

    Based on my experience, your LO's sleep/wake pattern is very normal. I have not tried CIO and am reluctant to do so. The majority of the people I talk to (not here on the LLL boards, but people I know at work and friends) say CIO worked for them, but it feels so wrong to me to let DS cry. That said, I think you need to decide what is best for you and your LO. Maybe you are okay with CIO and maybe you aren't.

    Can you and your LO cosleep? I found this made it easier to get my Zs in when I first returned to work. Again, it may not be right for you, but it helped me.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: I need some sleep !

    Cereal in the bottle is actually a choking hazard and hasn't even been shown to actually make a baby sleep any longer.....

    Way too lazy for formula

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    My daughter is 21 months old and still wakes more than your lo. Like 3 or 4 or sometimes 10 times more frequently. I think a 4 and then a 3 hour stretch would be a miracle.

    Do you cosleep? We don't, usually, but if you can, that can help.

    Cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard. Solids are not proven to increase sleep. Your baby may be waking with a need to eat, or with a need for you--do you really want to deny her either one at this age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoneymoonGift View Post
    Hello Everyone,
    Being a 1st time mom, I'm not sure when she should be sleeping longer.
    I found this article so reassuring, it is normal for young children not to sleep through the night! once we accept it and have no expectations the lack of sleep becomes so much more bearable.

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    Hey there Honeymooner (which I am sure can be a very underused term with a babe in your first year...yikes!) I am not sure you told us how old your little one is? I have to tell you that your schedule sounds exactly like ours for a very long time. Mine would go down at 10pm, up somewhere around midnight to 2am, up again at 4am and then finally, I would get some sleep. Our biggest culprit (in hindsight...he's now 25 months!) was teething...which believe it or not started after 3 months with his 1st real tooth at 5 months. So #1 know it is normal, #2 if you feel it is not normal, try to see if you can tell what the problem might be....teeth, gas, hunger, thirst, wet diapers, etc. Actually the 5am time I couldn't figure out for the longest time....till I saw my dog prancing around the room every morning for her morning outside time. Now the dog stays downstairs and I get more sleep!

    Checkout all of the great articles on this site to give you encouragement & good ideas. Is dad around to help with one of the wakings? I found just having the baby brought to me instead of getting up and going to the nursery would help at times. Please understand that the myths about cereal in the bottle have been proven to actually make night waking worse at times as it can be harsh and give them tummy cramps. EVERYONE will try to give you advice...it is easiest to tell them that you are following what the pediatrcian has told you to do. Grandmas hate "latest research" but you just get use to it after a while. Just smile and say thank-you for all your support. I was on this site all the time as a 1st timer with no breastfeeding support around me....and we are still nursing at 25 month (ok, against my protest, but still, I am very proud!)

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    The boy is 9 months, and we co-sleep, and that has helped both of us! I no longer struggle to get him to sleep, and he sleeps long and better. I also read "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" which helped me to adjust my expectations of how much sleep he should get and how often he should be waking. I REFUSE to CIO. When The Boy is ready, he will put himself to sleep and until then, I am happy to mother him along.
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