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Thread: Prefers on breast over other

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    The past couple of days I have been having a problem getting my son to latch on to my left side. I will help him get the nipple in his mouth and he will move his mouth around then get upset like its not even there. So now the milk supply in that breast isnt as much as the other. Its still there cause I have been making sure to get him on, even if it takes awhile and get him to feed on that side for as long as i can. But still, its not as much and he's still acting wierd about it. Im not sure whats going on.

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    I have the same problem with my three month old, except that he prefers the left side and not the right. He latches better on the left and so on the right I've gotten little blisters. I always alternate sides that I start nursing on, but he just sucks stronger and more efficiently on the left and so that side produces 2x the milk as the right - even though I offer both equally. I talked with a lactation consultant and basically they said it doesn't matter that he gets more milk from one as long as he's getting enough, but that I could try and stimulate more milk on the right side by starting on the right side for just a few minutes when its the left side's turn to start. Just a couple minutes because the suck is stronger in the beginning, then go to the left when it's the left side's turn to be drained first. I honestly didn't do that because he gets most of his milk from the left and I don't want to mess with it or reduce it in any way. So I've just kind of let nature take its course I guess and the production is unequal. If it mattered to me a lot I guess I would always pump the right before feeding him, that way, he'd really stimulate more to get made - you could try that!
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