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Thread: Baby trying to wean himself

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    Default Baby trying to wean himself

    My DS is 9 months and he eats once at night and then 6,10, and 12:00 after 12:00 he will not nurse again untill about 5:00 in the evening. Then he nurses once more. He eats solids twice a day. Is he trying to wean himself from nursing?

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    Very rarely does a baby really wean himself before the age of 2. Especially not before the age of 1. I remember having your same concerns with my ds when he was about the same age that your dc is. It is very important to make sure that you are offering them to nurse in a dark room with little distraction. They still really need a lot of BM but they are too busy to stop and want to nurse, afraid that they may miss out on something.
    Many babies like mine will still nurse a good but in the night, possibly even more important to continue night time parenting when a baby is so busy like yours and mine, and so many others, during the day. My ds usually nurses in the am about 6 then before a nap at 9 then after lunch/right before his nap at 12:30 and then sometimes not again until after dinner/before bed around 6 or 7. And then like I said 3 or so times in the night, sometimes more sometimes less, sometimes I don't count?:: Also now that he can come over and want to nurse he may nurse more often during the day for comfort or if he gets hurt etc. I would not take this new stage as weaning just a little less right now bc he is so interested in his surroundings.
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    Are you busier between 12 and 5 than at other times in the day? Some babies "forget" to nurse if the breast is not offered when you are out and about or busy around the house. You may try offering the breast every hour until he does nurse for a few days and see if he picks up a little bit in the afternoon.

    It is true that it is very unlikely that he's "weaning" himself, but it is normal for babies' nursing patterns to change, especially to match their environment. Slowing down and spending close time will also increase desire to nurse usually.

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