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Thread: Breastfeeding and hormones.

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    Default Breastfeeding and hormones.

    I've had a blood clot before, which is what resulted in my high intervention labor (inducement because of blood thinners). Anyway, all my genetic testing doesn't show a specific cause, but they treated me anyway (preventative) and I had to stay on heparin for 6 weeks post partum. So I've been off the the heparin for almost 6 weeks now, and I suspect another bood clot.

    I go to the doctor tomorrow, but my leg is REALLY sore, and swollen by half an inch.

    The last clot I had was because of birth control, having got the clot only a few weeks after starting it.

    So my question is, how much estrogen do you produce while breastfeeding? I will probably end up back on heparin while I'm breastfeeding, but I'm curious to know how much is still present after pregnancy/labor during breastfeeding?

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding and hormones.

    During breastfeeding, estrogen production is very very low. That is why nursing mothers shouldn't take estrogen-based birth control. It will dry up the milk!

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