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    I have been exclusively pumping for 6 months now. My right nipple has been cracked for about a month but not bleeding. It was not getting the time to heal due to my exclusive pumping. Tonight as I was pumping as usual I saw blood in my milk and the cracked nipple had opened up so I had to stop . I am quite upset and I dont really want to stop breastfeeding now. What should I do. HELP SOMEONE

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    I had that problem. Don't give up just yet!

    I don't know what kind of pump you have. If you don't have them and your pump manufacturer makes them you might want to pick up bigger shields. I've got a Medela and I went out and bought the size XL shields, which caused much less friction, allowing me to heal. Don't get me wrong...it still hurt like heck for a while. Since I got the new shields I haven't had any cracking or pain at all.

    I used moist heat right before pumping, applied lanolin, took ibuprofen, and used a light "suck setting". I did cold compresses on the sore side when I could b/c I was a little engorged on one side! For a couple days I pumped each breast seperately so I could use a lighter setting on my sore side and pumped as long as I could stand it. It takes forever to pump, but it hurt a whole lot less.

    Watch out for mastitis as well.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

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    if your healthy a little blood will not hurt baby.
    Heres a link to kelly moms for what to do for cracks...
    are you having pain?

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    You're getting good advice! I've done exactly what Kate said when I've had nipple pain/cracking. I'd look into other reasons why your nipples might be cracking, like the wrong sized shield as Kate said, thrush infection, using too high a setting on the pump, or contact dermatitis (this last was my culprit). You can always hand express that breast till it heals a little, here's a link to a really good video on how to do it: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...roduction.html. Good luck!

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