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Thread: how long does your lo nurse?

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    Same to you !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by momma2bgtwinsplus1 View Post
    My nearly 18 month old twins each nurse about 10 minutes first thing in the AM and 15-20 minutes right before bedtime during the work week (plus 1-2 more times each on weekends). I seldom nurse them at the same time.

    When I pump, I empty pathetically slowly -- like 30-60 minutes), and maybe that has to do with why my kids nurse longer? They are thin, but growing well.
    Quote Originally Posted by my3stinkies View Post
    My DD just turned 2 and I have the opposite problem. She wants to nurse all day and all night. She always did. Around 9-10 months she slowed down a lil but not much. She nurses some days up to 10 times. Some are for a few min. others maybe 45 min. Is this normal?

    I didn't respond to the OP because I have the opposite situation and I'm not sure how long is enough, but I don't want other mamas thinking short is the only norm out there. The other night Mark (age 2) nursed for 75 minutes when falling to sleep (His norm is more like 30-35 minutes). I will frequently nap nurse him and he will often nurse for an hour when I finally take him off he's generally done with his nap (I however could keep sleeping.) Now a big part of this is that I will only nurse him twice a day and he clearly would nurse more frequently but has accept it. So he's trying to meet all his sucking needs in 2 shots. Up until mid July he was probably nursing around 10 times in a 24 hour period.
    Laura, proud vbacing, ecological breastfeeding mommy to four ages 8, 6, 5, and 2. That's Kate nursing her doll, Adam.

    The Seven Standards of ecological breastfeeding: (1) exclusive breasfeeding for the first 6 months (2) pacify baby at your breast (3) don't use bottles and pacifiers (4) co-sleep for night feedings (5) take a nursing nap (6) nurse frequently day and night; avoiding schedules (7) avoid practices that restrict nursing or separates you from your baby. The average return of menstruation for ecological breastfeeding mothers is between 14 and 15 months.

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