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Thread: My 1st freezer stash!

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    Smile My 1st freezer stash!

    So, 4 months pp and I havent frozen any milk. I've barely been able to keep up with Abbys needs let alone have the time or SUPPLY for that matter to pump. But her dad somehow seems to think that I am superwoman (ok, maybe he's right about that ) and tells me I should have EBM for her when she's screaming in the car. She usually takes (and by take I mean chews on) a bottle of water for those times. She refuses to drink from a bottle. He thinks its because its not BM. So, I've been drinking mothers milk tea, eating oatmeal and pumping once in the morning and once at night. And yesterday, I FINALLY got to use those bags I bought when she was a newborn for milk storage. I filled them up (and by fill I mean I put my measly 3 oz into a bag) and stuck them in the freezer...I guess I can use them when she starts using a cup huh?

    Anyway, I just wanted to share that I am proud of my 2 little dinky bags of frozen EBM, and I'm actually looking forward to adding to it

    I guess the other plus is that now I can keep up with LO, lately my supply seems to have taken a dip...its right back up to where (I think) it should be.

    yay for me

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    It's feels good doesn't it? Eventually I had HUGE bages of bags of milk. Ultimately ended up pitching much of it and it killed me. I was so proud of it!

    Good for you!!
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    Default Re: My 1st freezer stash!

    I hate wasting milk, it feels like such a bummer to waste after putting all the effort into pumping.

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    I built up such a stash before I went back to work, like 20 or more bags....only to find out they tasted sour after thawing (due to a lipase issue I guess) and had to toss them all! I was so proud of that stash!
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    How do you know if you have a lipase issue? Sometimes, my frozen EBM smells funky but baby still takes it - am I giving her spoiled milk sometimes at daycare? Wouldn't she refuse it if it's spoiled? I hope it's not spoiled - she is 7 months old and I think I have about 50 6-oz frozen bags built up


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