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Thread: how much milk?

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    Default how much milk?

    I'll be starting back to work in 3 weeks (my son will be 8 weeks old). How do I know how much milk to leave with the caregiver? Is there some sort of rule of thumb or formula I can use?

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    Check out www.kellymom.com, I think there's a formula on there based on weight. Mine were drinking about 4oz every 3hrs at that age, then went up to about 5oz at about 3 months.

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    The rule of thumb that we've been using is baby needs 1 to 1.5 oz for every hour away from mom.

    When my DS started day care at 3 mo, I sent in 3 bottles of 3 oz each (plus about 3 oz extra in a storage container). This was for 8 hours of day care (according to the formula above that would be 8 to 12 oz EBM).

    As he got older, the amount of EBM he took didn't really change but he drank more at a time and could go longer between feedings. When he was older I sent in 2 bottles each with 5-6 oz (and about 3 or 4 oz extra).
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