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Thread: Breastfeeding from a bottle

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    Wink Breastfeeding from a bottle

    Hello I am new to these forums and just wanted to ask some questions about breastfeeding from a bottle.

    My daughter is almost 3 weeks old and i've decided to start pumping milk and then feeding her with a bottle. What I want to know is when I go somewhere, like shopping or whatever and I need to take a bottle with me...do I just take the milk out of the fridge and put it in a bottle and take it with me? will it stay good for a certain number of hours after taking it out of the fridge? do I need to carry it in a cold pack or something?

    Also how long does breast milk stay good in the fridge?

    If anyone could help me out with this stuff that'd be great..thanks for your time

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    Is there a reason you need to offer the bottle so soon? Are you returning to work? Pumping too soon can affect your supply. I actually ended up with an overactive letdown from pumping too early on. Also, offering a bottle that early may result in the baby getting confused (another issue I had to overcome early on) Just some things to consider. For the first several weeks your baby's suck will help to determine/regulate your milk supply, so you will make the right amt of milk for your LO.

    Most pumps come with instruction manuals on safe handling of breastmilk. I know it can be kept a room temp longer than formula. I'm sure someone will have a good link to guidelines!

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    I was told breastmilk is ok for 4 hours at average room temp, 24 hours in the fridge (not the door), 3 months in the freezer. You will need to keep it in a cool bag with ice to store during outings.

    If you'd rather breastfeed (from breast rather than bottle) you could try using a sling and feeding while your baby is in there - keeps prying eyes at bay. It's a LOT easier in the short and long term. You can cause difficulties for yourself by expressing and bottle feeding.

    Good luck and happy shopping
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    I think LLL says breastmilk is good for 8hrs at room temperature, 10 days in the fridge, 3 months in a freezer attached to a fridge, and 6+ months in a manual defrost deep freeze. That's what I follow and I've never had problems.

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    Also keep in mind that pumping and then feeding will talke twice as long. I had to do that in the begginning for my premmie and I was exhausted. It was so much easier when we finally got to a point where he could just nurse.
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