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Thread: Sore nipples with 4 week old

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    When I first started breastfeeding my baby in the hospital, I got very sore nipples for a few days. That passed quickly and things were great. Now all of a sudden, the soreness is back and I can barely stand to feed her. My nipples are also very hard and pink around them. Does anyone know what can be causing this? Do you think she all of a sudden is having problems latching on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Sounds like it could be thrush. I know from my own experience that my thrush started at around 3-4 weeks (and I've read that that is a common time for it to begin). I also vividly remember having toe-curling pain when she'd latch on and throughout the whole feeding. It also caused my LO to have pain when she'd latch on and sometimes it would take 30 minutes to get a good latch with her. It was excrutiatingly painful for both of us!! Also, from my LC, I learned that once they have a good latch, it's not very common for them to suddenly develop a bad latch after a few weeks, unless something else is wrong (like if your little one is sick). If you can, contact a local LC or your doctor to be checked for thrush. Your symptoms and the timing sound all too familiar...

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    Maybe see if anything on the page above (and the page linked within) stands out?

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