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    my 10 day old feeds well all day but when night comes around 11-4am it becomes a feeding frenzy. He does not want to stop for hours and seems to get agitated in the process. He will spit out the nipple then take it again, pulls on it while making grunting noises. Seems to be struggling. Why could this be? Is their a possibility he isnt getting milk, I seem have lots.

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    he is cluster feeding, I forget what ages, one of the LLL ladies will be able to tell you, but they go through growth spurts where they nurse constantly the struggling could have to do with OALD (over active let down) I have that problem too. HTH
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    This does sound like cluster feeding. Is the time working out OK for you? If not I would try offering the breast earlier and see if you can move him back so he cluster feeds between dinnertime and your bedtime. Then hopefully he should be good and full and sleep 4-5 hours during the night before waking to feed again.

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    Yes, this cluster feeding is very normal -- and is probably intensified right now by the growth spurt that happens around 10 days in age.

    It's hard when the baby is so new that his days and nights are still mixed up. Hang in there and that part too should sort of straighten itself out, so that he is doing more of his sleeping at night.

    You mentioned a concern that he may not be getting milk, based on his behavior at the breast. The most reliable way to be sure he is getting enough milk is to track his diaper output. If he is having at least 5-6 good wet diapers and 2-3 dirty diapers in every 24-hour period, then he's getting enough.

    Here's a link about figuring out fussiness at the breast -- not a LLL resource, but from a reliable website that gets a lot of use around here:



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