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Thread: Supply, no letdown when pumping, growth spurt? help!

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    Default Supply, no letdown when pumping, growth spurt? help!

    My DD is 61/2 months with very few problems to date. I'm at work and away from her about 10 hours a day and until recently have had no supply issues with plenty of milk for her while I'm gone. About 2 weeks ago I noticed my stash was dwindling so I knew I needed to up my pumping sessions. Last week I added a morning pumping session as soon as I got to work which gave me an extra 2 ounces per day - which DD has been eating. Well, this week I figured I'd add another session to try to replenish my stash... Last night I tried pumping the other side after DD ate from the other and got a whole ounce in 20+ minutes - I couldn't seem to get my milk to let down. I've also had problems with let down during my first morning pumping session. Needless to say, DD ate everything I sent with her today by 2pm . Now I'm really concerned about my supply, having enough for DD, etc. I thought I'd be able to keep up with extra pumping sessions, but now it seems my extra sessions aren't producing any milk!

    Any thoughts on what is causing these problems? Is she going through a growth spurt? Did the IUD cause a change in my milk supply (I was on the mini pill before)? Why can't I get a let down even when my breast seems full?

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great...

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    Default Re: Supply, no letdown when pumping, growth spurt? help!

    i don't know anything about IUDs.

    But..as far as pumping, have you tried getting in a session early a.m before your lo is up? I use to get up at 4:30-5 am and pump one side (the side least favored by my daughter). This gave me a good 3-4 oz. I could relax, have my coffee and watch the news while doing this (how's that for multi tasking!) DD would nurse on the other side when she got up at 5:30 or 6 am. I'd offer her the breast I had pumped an hour or so before if she was still hungry. Usually she fell back to sleep on the first breast and never needed #2.

    I always found night pumping to be a waste of my time because I produced so little. Mornings were the most productive. I think my record was 6.5 ounces on one side in 20 minutes.

    Also--have you tried getting up early on the weekend to pump to start building a new stash?

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