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    I will be returning to work in 2 wks. My baby is now 4 wks old. I will start pumping next week (waiting on the pump to ship). How much milk should I give to the baby sitter? What if I don't have enough backup for her? Should I send her formula too? Is it better to mix it with breast milk or just formula only and use that for back up?

    I just start using the manual pump and maybe get an oz from it. Will there be a difference in the electric pump and manual?

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    Hi there,

    Congratulations on your baby. Here is a link that may help in estimating how much milk to leave:


    Are you getting an ounce when you pump after you feed your little one? If so, I would not be concerned. You will get more when you pump for a missed feeding.

    You also asked about different types of pumps. If you are going to be working full time, a double pump will help maintain your supply as well as save time. The Medela Pump in Style and Ameda Purely Yours are good pumps.

    Right now, you only need to "bank" enough milk for your first day back. Then on your first day you can pump the milk for the next day, and so on. A good time to try to pump may be after the first nursing session in the morning.

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    Hi, I'm moving this to the "Working and Breastfeeding" board

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