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Thread: what do you think - is this safe

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    Default what do you think - is this safe

    what's your take?
    i usually take two bottles to work to pump with my avent isis manual.
    today i forgot one bottle.
    i thought i was quite clever when i used one of the lancinoh storage bags which i carry in my pump bag. i put the bag over the bottom of the pump, held on to the top tightly then pumped.
    it worked well.
    but then it hit me, that the bottom of the pump, which was exposed to my desk and which ihad held before is actually IN the bag. With the bottle, nothing external comes in contact with any part of the milk!.
    Is this unsanitary.
    I hope not cause I just expressed 13 ounces to take home for tomorrow, with 8 ounces of that milk being in the plastic bag..........................
    what's your take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pardon the double post.

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    Default Re: what do you think - is this safe

    Sorry I don't really understand what happened! Honestly I would think it would be fine. The bottom of your pump still comes in contact with the bottle when you normally pump, right? Like I said, not exactly sure what the problem is.


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    Default Re: what do you think - is this safe

    I would say yes. Remember bm is antibacterial and your providing the necessary immunity to your baby to deal with any bacteria that you may have exposed the milk to. But in any case go with your gut.

    ...hope I can pump that much one day

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    Default Re: what do you think - is this safe

    Would you feel comfortable eating at your desk with your hands? If so then your milk is probably fine. After seeing what my los put into their mouths these days I stress a whole lot less about these things . Accidentally touching the desk has got to be a lot less risky than the Cheerio of unknown origin and expiration wedged under my changing table!

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