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Thread: Let down problem on right side

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    Unhappy Let down problem on right side

    For about 2 weeks now I have not had enough milk to satisfy my 2 month old on my right side. For the first 3 minutes I am fine and I am even squwirting everywhere but after that I am completly empty and then I have to switch to the other breast so she can get enough to eat. (I switch every other breast with every feeding to give her the fat content in it) And then the left side feeding I always have enough for her so I know I am not loosing my milk altogether. Even when she sleeps for a 5-6 hour span at night I still don't have enough on my right for her. I called a lactation consultant and she told me to massage from the collar bone down to the nipple and it should take 5-7 minutes to start to let down again and it just isn't working.

    I eat oatmeal and drink liquids and I am doing the weight watchers diet but I am adding 10 points to everyday-and it was doing it before I started the diet.

    I have always had a difficult time on my right breast though-it was sore until about 2 weeks ago and it was bleeding and blistered up until she was about 6 weeks old. I don't feel stressed out until after she is tugging on my nipple because I already have run out of milk so I don't think I am too stressed really. I feel calm and I concentrate on thinking about milk and I just don't know what else to do. I feel like I went through hell and so much pain for 2 months and now this... I am determined to make this work even if I have to only feed her on my left for the next year-but it would be a lot more convient if I could switch breasts again.

    What is mothers milk liquid and tea? And brewers yeast is beer?-should I be drinking that?

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    Default Re: Let down problem on right side

    My right side had always been my good boob, as I referred to it from the time my dd was born 8 mos ago until just a couple of weeks ago. I'd always give her both sides, but she really got most of the milk from the right side. I didn't worry about it because she was gaining fine, etc. (she's always been over 100% for height, 75% for weight). Now, over the past couple of weeks, the balance shifted and the left side is my big producer. I asked the lactation consultant at the pediatrician's office and she said that was totally normal. Sounds like you're in the same boat. Try not to worry as long as your baby is growing and gaining plenty of weight!

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