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Thread: Bottle problems!!!

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    my bAby will not take a bottle this week and last week! Yesterday at daycare she would not take one at all. So today I have been trying to work with her to try and get her back on track and she wants nothing to do with it! BEfore she got sick she would take her bottle just fine and she would take 3-5 oz. just depending on how long ago she ate. Today she is barely takin 1- 1.5 oz's and this is with alot of coaxing! I am sooo frustrated she has to eat a bottle at daycare tomorrow and I just don't know what to do. Everytime I try to feed her one she just screams. We use the Playtex dropins. I've tried the soothie, and breastflow bottle but the nipples are a little weird for her. Any advice on what to do? My poor nipples are killing me cause all she will do is nurse and I don't want to continue to waste pumped breastmilk bottles!!!!!!

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    Try a different bottle? Maybe one that is more similar to breastfeeding? I've seen several -I just bought second nature and even though I haven't tried it I think it will work out great

    Good luck!

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    Hmmm, you said your nipples are killing you from nursing, that seems a little odd to me. Nursing shouldn't hurt, no matter how much you're doing it. Have you had a period of pain-free nursing and now it hurts? I'm wondering if there's something going on that's making her not want the bottle AND making your nipples sore, like thrush or teething.

    Maybe try having someone else give her a bottle while you're not in the room, one of mine won't take a bottle from me period. Mine have refused bottles when teething, ear infection and thrush. And lately they've decided they would prefer to reverse-cycle and not really drink bottles at all.

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