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Thread: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

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    Default Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    Hi everyone,

    I would like some advice on how to get my son on a schedule. He is 8 weeks old and feeds about 2-2.5 hours or so apart. I would like to start getting him on a schedule especially starting with the evening/night time. But I have no clue how to go about it. My mom who takes care of him while I am in school doesn't think it matters much. But it does to me! So we both end up arguing. It is distressing me quite a bit. Can someone please please give me ideas. I am tired of being told that all kids figure it out eventually!!


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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    you aren't really supposed to have babies that age on a schedule from my understanding. you are supposed to feed on demand which would make scheduling impossible. hth
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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    with PP

    Right now your baby is far too young for a true schedule. I know how hard it is being up all night and then having to get up early for school - I was still in school with both my first 2 LOs.

    Co-Sleeping with your LO if possible will make it easier, you'll barely have to wake up to nurse and you both will sleep much better!

    One thing you CAN do is set up a routine and follow it every night before bed. That way your LO will know what to expect and know that when everything is done it's time for sleep.


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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    I agree with PP. You're supposed to feed on demand and every baby is different. Mine's 12 weeks old and he has been on the 2 hour schedule (around the clock) ever since we took him home from the hospital. Sometimes he even wants to eat continuously for a couple of hours. Also, if I try to put him on schedule and let's say make it a 3 hour schedule, my breasts will get engorged so I can't do it anyway. So, I know it's difficult, but I really don't recommend forcing a set schedule on your baby. For your baby and for your breasts sake!
    Believe me, when my baby was about 6 weeks old I really wanted to put him on a feeding schedule so I can get some sanity. After talking to so many people (doulas, lactation consultants, other moms) I just gave up and accepted the fact that as long as I am breast feeding, my son will feed every 2 hours until the day he stops breast feeding.


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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    I, too agree with PP's. Babies that young shouldn't be on a schedule. It's not that schedules don't "matter," but that it's not really best for them. They should feed on demand.

    It's hard, I know. However, things will get better and easier.

    Good luck! :0
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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    I am with all the pps. I have three and I never put them on a feeding schedule bf or ff kids. I do have a routine they all (all being the older two kids) have to follow and dd2 (the 5wk old) i feed on demand and yet still get her ready for bed like the other two. Let her know when lunch time is here and stuff. I think by about 6months my kids all adjusted to our life routine.

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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    At eight weeks with all 7 of my singletons they were sleeping through the night. I didn't force a schedule but just let it happen. They seemed to want to nap about every two hours so I planned a time we wanted them to go to bed at night. In the evening we set a schedule of making sure that the babies were up between 6p.m.-8p.m. During that time we bathed them, played with them, and feed them. After two hours of play they were always ready for bed.

    Now they're still going to wake up during the night so just get them up, feed, and check the diaper. Then straight back to bed. The night feedings should only take about ten minutes, just make sure that when you're doing this keep things very quiet and the light dim. This will ensure your little one to go right back to sleep without any trouble.

    We started this shortly after arriving home from the hospital and before we knew it the baby started sleeping through the night. It is true though that having a baby sleep through the night does mean sore breasts. That's a choice you have to make.

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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    is such a scary word... for any age child. Predictability is better because it eleviates that idea that at this time x has to happen and 30 minutes later y has to happen. You know?

    it seems he is on a fairly regular time line as it as, as you noted he nurses about 2-2.5 hours. thats a good "schedule"

    Whats more important, and helps baby feel more secure is knowing the sequence of things... like nursing session, then bath time, then nap. Then wake up and nurse then read books with mom, then play outside, then nurse. SOmething to that effect. Good luck.

    Here's a link to a LLL page with a little more info
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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    I did a combination of feeding on demand and similiar to a "schedule" that was mentioned in a book called babywise. Basically, though, my LO and I just started to get in a groove. My LO is 11 weeks old now and is on a pretty decent "Schedule" the way that i got him to start creating it was the feed-wake-sleep routine. I would feed him, burp him, change his diaper and then turn him so i could see him and play with him or talk to him or let him watch a mobile, etc. Once I saw a yawn or he seemed to get sleepy (he is almost on a 1hr-1.5hr mark on the dot) I would pick him up and rock him or soothe him and then put him down to sleep. He would sleep for 45min to 1.5 hrs and the process would start again. Of course if he woke and wanted to eat sooner I did that. I knew he would go through growth spurts so i didn't want to deprive him of his food, but his sleep is very important. If I try to force him to stay up to sleep longer at night, that just over stimulates him and he is harder to get down and worse at night. Right now he is on a 3hr schedule and 4 hours at around 1:00p (he sleeps almost 3 hours at this time but i wake him up to not go over 4 hours) His naps do get shorter as the day goes, but at night he is sleeping 6 hours and then a 4 hour after that. So, he is pretty much on a "schedule" and a very good baby throughout the day too.

    Also, i have found from other moms... the true evening schedule doesn't really get loosly started until 3 months...ie bath, story etc
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    Default Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    I think the best way to get your baby on a nighttime schedule is to develop a routine! We've had the same routine with my DS for a long time and he's been sleeping through the night since about 2 MO most nights. We also co-sleep.

    The thing is you have to watch for the baby's clues and we start the routine when we start to see the slightest sign that he's getting tired at night. Things such as fussiness, rubbing eyes, repeated nursing (kind'a like tanking up!), or extreme hyper-ness are all tired signs.

    Our routine currently starts at 7:30 PM but it used to be much later when we thought that keeping a baby up late will make him sleep in longer, HA!

    Bathtime given by daddy
    Baby massage (putting on of eczema cream)
    Change into pajamas
    Cuddle time with daddy
    Lay down with mommy and I nurse him
    He always falls asleep within 5 minutes and I cuddle him for about 5-10 extra minutes then I can leave the room and he's sleeping.
    He sometimes fusses one more time where I have to go in and pat his back, lay down for another few minutes but it's usually less than 5 minutes.

    Our entire bedtime routine is about 30 minutes and then we're free to have the rest of the evenings to ourselves! I love it.

    And no we never forced the sleeping through the night thing on him nor would I ever let him lay in the bed screaming, I always respond immediately if he wakes back up. However, now he trusts me and sometimes even when he wakes back up he can fall back asleep on his own.

    So yes I think 'routine' is important so everyone knows what to expect! But you have to be ready for the little curve balls they throw at you and the routine must change or adapt to your baby.

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