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    My 7 week old son (3rd child) and I are enjoying BF but have some questions about increasing milk supply for at night. I recently noticed that after 6pm every night he is not getting enough milk. I am pumping after feedings during the day to increase supply. I always end up feeding him at night what I pumped during the day b/c I have no milk left at night.
    Why is it so low at night? Confused about supply and demand-never seem to have enough pumped to keep for a "mommy break".
    any help?

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    Your milk supply may appear to be low at night but as long as you are putting baby to breast during that time, your supply is likely just fine. Often times we feel like our supply is low in the evening because babies like to nurse non-stop during that time. But you never run out of milk -- your body is constantly making it.

    Be careful about offering bottles during the evening hours -- when you do that you are reducing breast stimulation which reduces milk supply (it's still all about supply and demand).

    My best suggestion is to just nurse your baby directly at all times. There's no reason to pump during the day to increase your supply unless you're trying to build up a "stash" for when you return to work or something. There's no need to make your body make more milk if baby isn't taking that much milk in, kwim?

    You're likely doing just fine. Try not to worry and when baby is wanting to nurse non-stop and/or is fussy in the evenings, it's not because your supply is low. It's likely because that's just what babies do

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