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Thread: Too much solids for 10 1/2 month old??

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    Default Too much solids for 10 1/2 month old??

    My dd is 10 1/2 months old and is ebf. She eats Stage 3 foods and I fix her fruit and some veggies fresh almost every day (like apples, mangos, sweet potatoes). She gags a lot and chokes easily- even on the puffs. I was giving them to her whole and after 3 1/2 weeks of choking every night on them and puking up her dinner, I started breaking them in half for her again and she does fine with this. I'm scared to give her bread or something else she'll choke on. I realize that bm is full of nutrition for her right now, but she also need solids to supplement. She's lost her "chubbiness" from before and was in the 50% weight range (was in 85th% before), so I don't want her to lose weight. She's at the point now that I'm wondering if I'm giving her too many solids. My MIL gives her ebm in a bottle during the day while I work, and she struggles with dd to take her milk. She'll get half, maybe a little more, and then be done with it. Likes to chew on the nippple, and swat at the bottle. She tried the sippy cup- no go on that. Even when she nurses- if it's not first thing in the morning or last night feeding, then she'll eat for about 5 minutes and then try to bite me and laugh and she's done. She just doesn't nurse like she used to. I realize she's more independent now- maybe that's it, but I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Forgot to say that she gets 3 1/2 tablespoons of cereal in the morning with some fruit (either fresh or half a jar), then the rest of her fruit mid-morning. Lunch is 1 jar (6oz or a little less) of veggies and maybe some fruit, and then at supper she gets 1/2 veggie and fresh fruit.
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    Default Re: Too much solids for 10 1/2 month old??

    Your DD is EXACTLY like my DS. He is dropping on the charts for weight, but the dr is not concerned one bit. He says that since DS is mobile now, he is burning a lot more calories. DS is 10 months, he eats 4 tbs of oatmeal mixed with 2 oz fruit for breakfast. He eats 3-4 ounces of veggies for dinner, and I have begun cooking a little carrots or something for him to feed himself.
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