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Thread: 10 mo no interest in solids

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    Default 10 mo no interest in solids

    Anyone else out there dealing with a 10 mo who has no interest in solids? She wants nothing to do with a spoon so I have pretty well gone to BLS but she might get a couple of pieces of cheese and a few cheerios into her at a sitting. Not interested in fruit or veg. really and meat she gags on.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 10 mo no interest in solids

    Patience! My DD was also uninterested in solids until about 1 year-13 months, and wouldn't let a spoon anywhere near her mouth. It's okay for them to be exclusively nursed up to that time according to my pediatrician, who says that until 1, solids are just for new tastes and textures and motor skills.

    Just let your LO sit in her highchair during meals, and give her little soft bits from your plate. Eventually more and more of those morsels are going to get into her mouth, and she'll start to enjoy them.

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    My 11 month old daughter still doesn't care much for solids. She's never really eaten a whole meal of them and I'm really not going to worry about it until her birthday next month. I'm sure it will be a while before she really eats whole meals, but I'm going to start offering her healthy snacks throughout the day. I've read that babies and toddlers really don't want to sit down and eat a whole meal and that grazing is a better way for them to eat, anyways.

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    Default Re: 10 mo no interest in solids

    My 11 month old gets only one meal a day and it is usually just a few cheerios or black bean or pieces of what ever we are eating that he can feed himself. He doesn't like the spoon the few times I've given him stuff that way. I am doing BLS anyway so I am not worried. He eats only what he wants this way.
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    Same here. DS is 14 months and only now beginning to show any regular interest in solids. I always offer him bits of whatever I'm eating, and when we sit down to meals I put some of everything onto his high chair tray.

    One thing that helped us was to give him a lot of time to pick and play with the food - i.e., start giving him pieces as I was preparing the food, and let him continue to eat/play with the food as we cleared dishes after the meal. If we only put him in his high chair for 20 minutes or whatever that it takes us to actually eat dinner, then DS doesn't get much, but when he has more time, he gets all the playing out of his system and then actually eats a good deal.
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