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Thread: getting enough?

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    My 2 month old daughter hasn't had a bowel movement since Monday (3 days).
    I'm starting to worry that my supply's gone done and she's not getting enough. Sunday, we gave her a bottle of pumped milk and I got really engorged but I didn't have an opportunity to pump as we were traveling. The next day, she slept all day long and didn't wake up very often to eat. Now she's extra fussy (she's always somewhat fussy with GERD) for a couple of days now, acting extra gassy, and eating for a really long time and she's not actively sucking for most of the time.
    I have a well-baby checkup scheduled for next Wednesday, but I have no idea whether I should try to get an appointment sooner, because I don't know if this is normal.

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    Hi, how many wet diapers has she had in the last 24 hours? Some babies start having larger more irregular bowel movements as they get a little older - my son did this when he was about the same age as your little one. It really had me worried too. I called my doctor and he assured me that it is alright. Make sure you take a change of clothes if you go out!

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    Hi there!

    It's so great that you are in-tune enough with your baby to notice changes in her eating habits! Here is an article that can help you determine if she's getting enough:


    Based on what you described, it is possible that your supply might have dipped a little. The good news is that it should be very easy to get it back up. It could also be that your baby has hit a growth spurt--some mothers find their babies are a little fussier and want to eat much more often during growth spurts. Here is another article that may help you determine why she's fussier and eating more frequently:


    As the previous poster described, it's common for some babies to have less frequent bowel movements around this age as well. That by itself isn't so concerning, but if she's not wetting much or showing signs of dehydration too, then you need to work on getting her to eat more and consult with your healthcare practitioner.

    I hope that helps! Feel free to post back with further questions!
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