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Thread: extremely alert baby

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    Default extremely alert baby

    My little man is eight weeks now and today he had a very long alert period. He was awake for about five hours even after very long feedings. I was wondering if this was okay and if he's getting sleep deprived b/c of this. Usually he isn't awake for more that 2-3 hours...

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    I think your lo is just checking out the world. Was he calm and happy during the 5 hours?

    My dd did this on about her 6th day of life and I was concerned and kept trying to get her to sleep, but grandma said that she was just taking in life outside the womb. She has done this occassionally since, but mostly sticks to her 2-4 hour cycle.

    If there are no other symptoms, everything is probably fine
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    My newborn was very alert and from the beginning did not nap much during the day. She's nearly one now and has stayed that way. People were always making comments about how alert she was because she'd be looking around and loves to stare at people (she intimidated grown men at 3 months!) rather than staring off into space like many babies do. I think my lo just doesn't want to miss anything. I wouldn't worry too much, if your lo was sleep deprived he'd definitely let you know it.
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