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Thread: BLS/BLW - first foods?

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    Default BLS/BLW - first foods?

    What would be good choices for first foods when doing BLW/BLS?

    I was thinking of steamed carrot sticks, broccoli florets and sweet potato wedges. But what else can I give him on subsequent days?

    I'm wary of any of the allergens as we have allergies in the family.

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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    How old is your baby?

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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    I started with banana but wouldn't do that again because of the constipation factor. I also did avocado and sweet potato early on but Henry wasn't really in to anything for the first few months- from 6-9 months. I think avocado is a great first food.

    I would be careful of carrots because they can have high levels of nitrates.

    Peaches and pears are good because they shouldn't mess up the digestive system as much as other foods like bananas, apples or rice cereal.

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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    We started with cereal too, but it gave him constipation.
    I tried mash potatoes, which he loved.
    mashed carrots (he didn't like it the first few months we tried)
    pizza crust,
    porridge (same as rice, but cooked with more water),
    chicken (10th month onwards),
    fried or scrambled eggs,

    Here's an enjoyable website for BLS, if you haven't seen it yet:

    I've found that my son doesn't mind eating the same things over and over again for a few days, or weeks even. So, sometimes I repeat the foods. It is after all, for his experimentation only at the beginning.
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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    i love watermelon and avocado to start. they are great! watermelon is easy to pick up and chew. hth
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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    From my understanding, you should always start with well-cooked and finely-strained fruits and vegetables. If you're using a Munchkin type contraption, then you can prolly put whole pieces in there and let your lo chew to get the food out. This works pretty well for us with most fruits and some veggies, but not so well for more fibrous foods, like carrots-- that's when straining comes in handy.

    Yes, even the fruits should be cooked first-- this aids in the breakdown of fiber and makes it easier for your lo to digest first food. I didn't know this when I first started out and was giving my lo uncooked fruits and he had terrible constipation. But as soon as I started cooking everything, it got a lot better. Though I realize different babies digest foods differently.

    My own personal list of foods tried so far:
    green beans
    squash (butternut)
    sweet potatoes

    I would personally advise against any starchy white foods (such as pasta, regular potatoes, white bread), as these have few to zero vitamins or minerals and turn into pure sugar once ingested by the body. Save those for after all the other veggies and fruits have been introduced.

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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    avocados - hadn't thought of those. Are they ok raw?

    And squash - yum! we're just coming into the squash season now.

    i was going to avoid wheat and dairy initially due to the allergy risk.

    unfortunately watermelon is not widely available in the UK. and when you can get it, it's expensive and tasteless. such a shame as when i've had it on holiday in the Med, it's gorgeous.

    Oh and he'll be 6 months on saturday, but we've got to wait for him to start sitting by himself (he's beginning too, but not for long!)

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    Default Re: BLS/BLW - first foods?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvia Lee View Post
    From my understanding, you should always start with well-cooked and finely-strained fruits and vegetables.
    If you're doing baby led solids (known as "baby led weaning" in the UK) then the philosophy is to skip purees and go directly to foods that LO can self feed.

    We've been doing baby led solids with our DS who is now almost 14 mo old. He had one jar of pureed carrots, and everything else has been self fed whole foods.

    We started with avocados, but DS wasn't very interested. He also wasn't interested in banana, which cracked me up because the baby books said that all babies love banana. The first food that DS really ate enthusiastically was sweet potato.

    Here's what I did for food prep:
    1) avocados, banana, soft fruit like pears & peaches, watermelon, cantelope - choose fruit that is very ripe & soft, cut into either a french fry shape or a chunk big enough for DS to pick up; give food to DS and let him go for it (no cooking needed!)

    2) sweet potato / yam - bake or microwave until soft; cool; scoop a big spoonful onto DS tray and let him dig in

    3) other veggies (carrots, green beans, broccoli, asparagus, winter squashes, etc) - cut into "french fry" shape if needed, use vegetable peeler if needed to remove tough outer parts, steam until soft enough that I could smoosh the food between my tongue & the roof of my mouth without using my teeth but still firm enough for DS to be able to pick up; cool; give to DS

    Once I felt confident of DS food handling skills and he got past some early gagging we gave DS all sorts of finger foods and went to small foods like peas, blueberries, corn, cut up grapes, etc.

    Now DS eats pretty much what we're eating, although I do cook his veggies a bit longer (I like my veggies crisp).
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