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Thread: fighting back solids

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    My almost 7 month old baby has started to fight back solids. Before he used to eat aloot and we were impressed but for the past few days he hasnt been eating any solids. Naturally he is nursing more often and waking up during the night every 2 hrs. Is this normal?
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    Perhaps he is feeling a little under the weather? Or, his little tummy is not handling one or more of the foods very well and his resistance may be due to that. How many foods has he tried? Were you waiting a few days or so in between introducing each one?

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    Usually when my son goes off his solids, it's teething or an ear infection (BFing has natural painkillers), a blocked nose (nursing helps open the airways) or a sore throat (swallowing solids hurts). He will usually mysteriously go off his food a few days before I can see any other symptoms.

    If your lo doesn't have a fever, cold, virus, infection, sore throat and isn't teething (yeah, I know, how can you tell? ) then, as the PP suggested, it could be a sensitivity to a certain food. My son was ok with cow milk products (cheese and yogurt) at first, but after a few weeks I noticed mucus in his stools and it turned out he was sensitive to dairy. It took a while for his system to react.

    Hope he's eating well again soon.

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