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Thread: Wanting to relactate

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    Default Wanting to relactate

    My baby is just 4 months old. I never tried breastfeeding with the 2nd because with my first i had a lot of problems. I gave up hope without even trying with my 2nd and latley ive been feeling low.

    So i have decided i will relactate and try to breastfeed. I want to breastfeed exclusivley but if i have to supplement thats fine.

    So far for the past 3 days i have been drinking 4 cups of Mothers Milk tea a day and taking 8 capsules a day of Fenugreek.

    If any one else can over some more advice or personal experience id greatly appreciate it.

    Support and reassurance is what i really need. My partner is all for this and supports me but he is more clueless on this then i am.

    Much love.

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    Default Re: Wanting to relactate

    Down a little further on the list of forums there is a spot dedicated to this! I'm sure the ladies there can help you tons =)

    I do think that you have to offer the breast first before any bottles, and use a high quality pump (for best results) to get the milk flowing again.

    Also try oatmeal - many have had great experience with that for boosting supply and I think it works to relactate as well. Oatmeal in any form seems to work - there's a recipe or two floating on these boards somewhere for "Lactation Cookies".


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    Default Re: Wanting to relactate

    Does your baby latch on when you offer the breast? If yes, you can also try an SNS system:

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    Default Re: Wanting to relactate

    yes. baby has latched a few times. sometimes for 30 seconds and the most 5 minutes.

    I was looking into getting the SNS. It seems like it would work well.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

    Is there better herbs that might help with lactation?

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