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Thread: Spitting up vs. vomitting

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    Default Spitting up vs. vomitting

    My baby turns 1 month this weekend! yaay! i've been breastfeeding her lots, but my mum caves in and gives her a bottle occassionally and we also give her water from the bottle to clean her tongue and also due to the heat lately.

    she does tend to spit up a lot, esp after bottle feeding and sometimes after nursing. i try to keep her upright after feeding but she will still spit up, maybe even 3-4x a day, and sometimes the amount is alarming.

    my question is, how does one distinguish b/w spitting up and vomitting? do we base it on amount? does a baby fuss after vomitting? she also tends to hiccup a lot, and i'm concerned if it is GERD, because of the hiccuping, and the frequency of her spitting up and also because she's been crying lots lately when she is not sleeping.

    also, why does she spit-up after bf-ing? is it possible to overfeed with bf-ing?

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    Default Re: Spitting up vs. vomitting

    Hi. Spit up happens and is caused simply because everything that keeps food down isn't very tight yet. It can be very upsetting, but in all honesty is more of a laundry problem than anything else. You don't need to worry about it unless it's projectile vomit. When I questioned this because my baby was spitting up much MORE than he had been, I was told projectile meant across the room. Also know that while it is no cause for worry, keeping baby upright directly after a feed for 30mins or more can greatly reduce the amount you see.

    I also wanted to let you know that it is not advisable to give ANY water to an infant under 6months old. It can actually throw off their electrolyte balance. Breast milk actually changes it's composition based on the weather. So in warm weather you will make more of the watery foremilk to keep baby hydrated. You may notice the baby wanting to eat more often and wanting to switch breast more often. Also there is no need to clean the tongue. Since there are no teeth there is no reason to worry about the milky tongue. HTH. I am no good at links but I believe there information out on the website about water being introduced before the 6month point being dangerous in case you want to have a look. HTH!

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