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Thread: uh... who wants to answer this question?

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    I started out wearing a 36 D before I got pregnant with #2 but I think I should have been wearing a DD and I am wearing DD now at 11 months nursing. When I do wear one.

    I was a 36 C whan I got pregnant with #1 and went up to a D and kept going up afterwards. I also gained weight when I wasn't pregnant so that could be why I got bigger.

    I gain weight while not pregnant no problem but when Pregnant I only gained 15 pounds with both pregnancies and I think it went into my Boobs. With both pregnancies I wore bra's that didn't fit 'cause I didn't want to buy ones to wear for just a few months.
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    I think it certainly depends on the person but for me it was related to how many times I was still feeding DD per day. Mine started to go down a little betwee 6 and 12 months, and were down to pre-preg (but a bit saggier) by about 20 mos. or so. By then we were nursing 3-4 times per day. Now we nurse 1-2 times per day but they are expanding again due to pregnancy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AJsmommy View Post
    I am still nursing my 15mo old and I just had to go UP from a 34 C to a 34D and really, I'm still popping out of those.

    I just bought them too. Don't bother getting measured at Victory Secret or JC Penny's. It truly baffles me how they measure you in the bra you're in and then state, "Oh, you're a 34 C" I was slightly irritated. Not that I'm into women fondling my breasts, but I would like a decent measurement so I know what size bra to wear.

    I first went to Penny's while I was preggo and I was wearing a 34 B, the lady did measure me in the ladies dressing room but with my shirt and bra on. I was stuffed into the B and guess what size she said I was?? Yep, a B. Just last week I told DH I was going to VS to get a decent measurement and the little girl measured me right there, in the open, infront of a stange man, and stated, "You're a 34C" Had I lifted my shirt she would have seen my nip poking out the top!!! I just don't get it. I tried on a D and it seemed to fit. However, now when I walk around or get active at all, my nip starts to poke out the top again. It's so friggin aggrivating. Sorry to hijack but I've been meaning to see if anyone else has this problem too. I personally like my big knocker, I would just like to know what size they actually are so I can find a good, comfortable bra. Oh well.
    Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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    I didn't breastfeed my first 3 at all (plan to with the next one though) and mine STILL haven't gone back to normal. I was in a C when I got pregnant with my first and they got up to DDD and unfortunately never came back down.

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