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Thread: mastitis please urgently help

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    Default mastitis please urgently help

    I just started antibiodics yesterday for Mastitis. I developed a clogged duct Monday and it quickly got infected even though I was doing everything I was suppose to. I have been nursing my dd mainly on that breast to make sure it is being emptied and pumping just for a little afterward to make sure she didn't leave any. However the duct still feels clogged to the touch. the pain is getting better but the lump is still there. Could the duct still feel clogged to the touch because it is infected and takes longer for that to go down/ In other words how can I tell that the duct isn't clogged anymore I mean since It got infected in there I would assume even once the duct is clear that it will still be hurting some. Help please?

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    My mastitis didn't start from a clogged duct. So I know the pain and you are doing great on trying to fix the problem. Good that you went to the doctor. I waited until it was really bad b/c I didn't know what it was. Anyway, I have had many clogged ducts and it took them a while to go away. Have you tried massage on the duct while in a warm shower? That helped me with alot of mine. Good luck!! It will get better!!

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