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Thread: tubal ligation affects lactation?

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    Default tubal ligation affects lactation?

    I was considering having a tubal ligation when/if I get a cesarean soon. I read online that this can affect the ovaries' hormone regulation. This is because when the fallopian tube is cut so is a blood supply artery to the ovary. I also read that this can affect lactation. Has anyone heard of this??? None of the material I got from the doctor's office mentions hormonal side effects.

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    Default Re: tubal ligation affects lactation?

    the breastfeeding answer book
    Tubal Ligation can indirectly affect breastfeeding, particulary if its performed right after birth. The time it takes to recover from the anesthesia and interfere with the early establishment of breastfeeding.

    IT doesn't have any info about hormones.....

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    Default Re: tubal ligation affects lactation?

    I had this done the day after LO was born (vaginal birth). Nobody told me about any side effects like this... Argh! I hope it isn't causing some of my problems I've been having.

    I know my sister had her's done after her last baby as well, she BF and pumped for 8 months after - so maybe if it does happen it's not to everyone?


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    Default Re: tubal ligation affects lactation?

    I had a tubal ligation done during my c-section - my LO is now 5 weeks old, and I have not noticed any issues. She is my 3rd LO (3rd c-section) and I the only thing I've noticed so far is that I've had more bleeding. I am doing more postpartum then I did with the others so I've related the bleeding to that and not to the tubal ligation, but you never know. I go for my 6 week checkup next week so I'll get back to you!

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    Default Re: tubal ligation affects lactation?

    I had a tubal ligation during my c-section. My daughter is almost 5 months old and I haven't had any problems due to the tubal. The only problems I have noticed have been after I started work (a month ago).
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