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Thread: Will he breastfeed?

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    Question Will he breastfeed?

    I'm the mother of an 11 day old, 32 weeker. He has been taking a bottle really well and the Dr's have let me start trying to breastfeed him. At each feeding I offer him the breast for 10 minutes and then give him his bottle.

    I understand that he is little and that these things can take time but I just wanted some feedback from other moms on whether they have been able to successfully get their preemie to move to the breast for all feedings? I am finding that using a breast pump all the time is completely demoralising.


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    Default Re: Will he breastfeed?

    Congrats on the little one!! My nephew was a 32 weeker and my sil did end up breastfeeding. Do you have a lc there you can talk to/work with? The lc helped my sil a ton! She ended up using a breastshield to get him to latch, but he never had a bottle--the lc recommended using a feeding tube to get expressed bm to him. You might think about both of those.

    I hope things work out for the two of you--and even if pumping seems demoralizing you are indeed doing the absolute best for you preemie--I have read that the milk of mom's whose babies are born premature is different, made just for their little needs!!

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    Hi, I have been able to successfully breastfeed my 3 preemies, 36,34 and 33 weekers. My first bean was intubated and so was given tubal feedings of breastmilk, I did find it hard to pump with him, found my thinking of failure, not how it should be etc etc. He never had a bottle eventually went to breast and tubal and then to breast at about 2 weeks of age. My 2nd bean was bottle, tube and breastfed, She was weak and also intubated. I brought her home on a bottle and moved to breast right away and just sat and offered her the breast when ever she was rooting, squirming etc. Finally my 3rd bean is 7 weeks old and he was also intubated, bottle and breastfed and we came home strickly on the breast after 8 days and was weighed every second day to ensure he was getting enough from me he is little and has a horrible suck and latch although I wouldn't trade breastfeeding for anything although his older sister helps as I am tandem nursing and there is lots of milk for him regardless anyhow I want to encourage you to seek out support whether it be lactation consultant or your local LLL group. Be persistent and ensure you are there whenever you can to encourage the breastfeeding. I am not sure if you have read much on prematurity but the natural mothering magazine for April edition I think has an awesome article on Kangaroo care and also the parents magazine from I think January also talks about it and essentially it shortens the hospital stay for preemies. I had all mine out quickly. Well my bean wants to eat, off I am anymore questions or if you want to chat I would be happy to do so all the best Michelle

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    Default Re: Will he breastfeed?

    I pumped three months for my first daughter - a 31 weeker. She never did nurse. The nicu she was born in though was not ever supportive of breastfeeding though so I think that played a roll in that.

    My son is 5 weeks old and was born at 29 weeks. I am currently trying to breastfeed him whenever I go visit. He is also tube fed and gets a bottle when I am not there. So far its been touch and go..you can read my other posts in this forum if you want. I'm hopeful though.

    Have you tried a breastshield? I have been having good luck with nursing Matthew with one. He'll latch on to my bare nipple but it just keeps sliding out of his tiny mouth - the breastshield makes it easire for him to stay on. The thing about preemies is they tire out really fast so a lot of the times he'll suck like 5-10 times and then rest and catch his breast before starting again.

    Good Luck!! I know pumping sucks but just remember how good the milk you're providing for your baby is. Its hard when the doctors and nurses are doing almost everything for YOUR child - but you're the only one who can provide him with that milk

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    Default Re: Will he breastfeed?

    Congrats on your little one! My son was born premature and spent 3 total weeks in the NICU, 10 days on a vent. He had a feeding tube and also received bottles. I never did nurse him successfully in the NICU, the nurses seemed posessive of him and told me that it would be too hard and I would tire him out. I was told the same thing when I left with him, but I decided to ignore them unless he started loosing weight. I started nursing him as soon as I got home, occasionally I had to bribe him to latch on, a drop of Mylicon works great for that. I took him for daily weight checks, just to make sure he was gaining weight. He did great! I was able to exclusively nurse him for quite a while.

    Good luck! Just keep at it and know that you are a great mom for trying.

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