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Thread: Supply normal / stop block feeding during growth spurt?

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    Question Supply normal / stop block feeding during growth spurt?

    New poster here.

    DS is 6 weeks old today. I noticed symptoms of an oversupply around 2 weeks old. I denied it for a couple days, but the green frothy poop wasn't going anywhere, so I started 2 hour block feeding. It got better, so I stopped and the green poop returned. I went to a LLL meeting and the very helpful ladies there had lots of oversupply experience. The leader recommended I continue the block feeding. So I did. It was getting only marginally better, so two days ago, I increased my blocks to three hours. The next day (yesterday), BEAUTIFUL mustard yellow poop! (I never thought I'd see the day where the sight of a certain kind of poop could make me happy! lol) Also, my breasts are a lot less full between feedings. Hooray! Problem solved, right? But he's also feeding like a demon (hooray for the 6 week growth spurt). Ordinarily, I'd continue the block feeding to ensure the oversupply doesn't come back, but I'm concerned whether I could end up cutting the supply too much to be able to handle his growth spurt. What should I do?

    TIA for your help.


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    Default Re: Supply normal / stop block feeding during growth spurt?

    Here is my suggestion: would continue block feeding and then during a growth spurt if your lo seems to be getting frustrated at one breast after a while offer the other one. Of course to avoid upping your supply try to only do this when it's obvious that he is getting frustrated. HTH

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    Default Re: Supply normal / stop block feeding during growth spurt?

    I'd just continue with the block feeding. We'd do ours for 3 hour blocks (he ate often in those blocks). When he'd nurse more, he'd just nurse more in those time blocks. Then off to the other breast when the block was over. Your baby's nursing patterns change here and there any how so the body will just adjust accordingly. Sometimes it will adjust just as baby is going back to a 'regular' schedule, but the body will adust again then too...
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