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Thread: Help! Desprate to BF correctly!

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    Glad to hear things are better. I didn't have nipple pain but I had a very hard time with latching with DS. I was lucky that I didn't have to give DS formula - I started pumping a lot right off the bat when it became quickly apparent that he wasn't going to get a lot from me. It took us 2 1/2 months to get it right (also with OS/OALD problems.) Now he's a champion eater!!

    Keep at it!
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    Just a gentle reminder Please remember that only people with LLL in front of their name speak for LLL on this board. Also, let's please refrain from giving medical advice and recommending medications. All medications should be used at the advice of a physician.
    Hugs to all
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    My nipples went through some trauma as well b/c someone at the hospital completely forgot to tell not to pump for more than ten minutes. I was trying to be super-mom and was pumping for like forty with a shield that was too small for my nipple and that was painful and a complete disaster.

    What helped my nipples heal was: express a few drop of your milk and rub it on your nipple and around the aureole and then let it air dry. Use gel pads -they are so so so soothing.

    Also, nobody told me about nipple shields but they exist and I've heard nothing but good things about them. Try them so that you could continue breastfeeding without the pain.

    And don't worry once you get the latch right your nipples will heal in a day or too and you will be so so so happy.

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    someimes she latches great other times her latch SUCKS and i want to kick things... not her obviously but holy hell it pinches, nip sheidld doesn't help. I dunno w hy she's so inconsistant.. i suppose time will help.

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