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    I paid a reputable lactation consultant $100 yesterday to tell me that my latching technique was perfect, but that my baby was somewhat tongue-tied on bottom, and very tight at top, and that this is why I am in terrible pain at and throughout and in between each nursing. She told me to call my pediatrician to get it evaluated and clipped.

    So, I called to see if they evaluate it or if they refer patients elsewhere, and the nurse got back to me, saying that the pediatrician will see me today IF I insist, but that she really doubts that my son is tongue-tied. SIGHT UNSEEN, she discounts this diagnosis!

    My milk supply is getting low, my son is always wanting to nurse and unsatisfied after very long nursing sessions, more sleepy than he should be, and not gaining weight as fast as he did while I was on major pain drugs (I had a c-sec) and oblivious to th majority of nipple pain I was in. I was up for 4 hours in a row last night, trying to pump and feed and nurse. All I wanted to do is break out the formula.

    I know I can't pump and exclusively bottle feed for a even 6 mos - I tried with my eldest. But I can NOT go through this level of pain at each feed!

    I am closer to quitting with this baby than any other and not having any support from his ped (with no option to change because of a very limited insurance plan) has got me so depressed!


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    gosh I'm sorry your having a rough time.
    Have you talked to your local LLL leader? She could help fpr free
    Are your nipples cracked and bleeding?
    That's painfull but it will heal!
    Try and call the Lc back maybe she knows a doctor that clips with out so much trouble. Some dentists will do it.

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    Mine was clipped by a dentist. I was older, in 5th grade, but you might want to consider that. I'm not sure if there are different "severities" of the condition, but mine was very simple & routine to have done.
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    With our insurance, you can see an ENT without a referral, so that's something you might look into. Our ped won't clip tongue ties, and it sounds like yours won't be inclined to do it either. As the pp mentioned, I would ask the LC if she knows who in the area is the most likely to be willing to do the procedure.

    I'm sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. I went through it too, and having DS clipped made all the difference. Hang in there!

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    FWIW, my ped recommended having my ds's clipped but doesn't do it. She told me off the record of a dr. that does do it. I paid cash ( sounds so much shadier than it was ). It was the best desicion I could have made. After when telling people I had it clipped they asked if I used the dr. I had and they all knew about him and said that he was great and had been known in the area for it for awhile- so if your ped won't do it nor recommend someone ask around!

    sorry for the pain!

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    I'd be ticked off at the nurse. Did she just say that from her opinion or did the doctor relay that message through her? I do hope the doctor had no clue she told you this, for your sake. Sometimes I want to just quit paying for insurance because it is a pain in the butt, but you have to have it! Good luck with everything.
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    My pedi evaluated my daughter and said it wasn't needed so I got a 2nd opinion by an ENT and it actually was pretty bad. He did it that very day in the office and I just had to pay a co-pay.

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