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Thread: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

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    Default I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    Thanks for the tips ladies on being assertive. Brayden should be coming home today or tomorrow. It has been 3 days since i nursed him and we didn't have an issue then. They increased his feeds by bottle and i attempted to nurse him last night. It was a disaster. I was able to latch him on and he would suck...fall asleep. He would get frustrated and start screaming. I would wake him up and then i couldn't get him latched on. I switch sides and put him in the football hold. I was able to latch him on and i thought he did well. Of course, the nurses wanted to "top him off" with a bottle and he drank half of it. Is he not getting enough from me?

    He does have trouble with latching on, but i'm sure it's from having that dang bottle in his mouth and he doesn't have to work for it.

    He also doesn't have a tight seal...milk dribbles out the corner of his mouth...same with bottle feeding.

    I need to find a lactation consultant in my area, but no luck. The hospital that Brayden is at, is almost an hour away.

    Any advice???


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    Default Re: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    yeah I'm so glad he's getting to come home..
    any luck with finding a LOcal LLL leader?
    look up in the gray bar were It says find local support.
    You can get him back to the breast! IT just might take a while!
    Once you get him home you can do what you want and not have to follow the hospital rules!
    heres a good link with lots of info on how to get the baby back to the breast.

    most newborns will take a bottle even when they are full. they have a suck swallow reflux that keeps them at the bottle untill its gone.

    The way to go is counting diapars...heres a link about that.

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    Default Re: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    glad to hear your lo is coming home!!!
    Married mama with 4 kiddos...2 girls (11 & 6) and 2 boys (21mo & 3mo)

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    Default Re: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    So glad he is coming home.

    Have you found an IBCLC yet? If not, PM me your location and I will try to help.

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    Default Re: I nursed him but it didn't go over well..

    Does the hospital provide a LC? If you are nervous about the bottle, ask about using the SNS (suplimental nursing system)...your baby might get milk a bit faster, while still at the breast. Plus it will help with latching on. I used it with both my boys. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because it works, on the flipside, it is a bit messy in my opinion, and somewhat frustrating. It does work though! Good luck.

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