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Thread: thawed milk smell different?

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    Default thawed milk smell different?

    we are just thawing out some milk (that I had in a different freezer) from the end of January. This is the 1st time I am thawing milk to feed him, and I noticed it smelled different. I thought maybe it smelled like plastic, which would kind of make sense, but it didn't smell good to me.... but not really like "rotten." I threw it away, and the next bag I thawed smelled the same. I am using Gerber bags, but I have Medela bags too, but I haven't thawed those yet.

    Any advice? I don't want to keep throwing them away if this is a normal occurance.

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    Default Re: thawed milk smell different?

    I had this happen, and it was due to the fact that I mixed warm and cold milk together before freezing. If you're mixing milk from different pumping sessions, make sure they're at the same temperature first. They also recommend that you bring the temperature of the milk down in the fridge first, then freeze it. Otherwise, it's likely due to handling of the milk (maybe the pump wasn't clean or it somehow got contaminated). I use the gerber bags with a lot of success (aside from their breaking now and again). The only way the milk could go sour because of the bags is if you had something funky in your freezer (fish?) and the smell came through the bags into the milk.

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    Default Re: thawed milk smell different?

    I have also had the same problem with my frozen milk. I had to throw out all my stored milk, about twenty, because they all smelled funny. It was a soapy kind of metallic smell and my daughter wouldn't drink it. I also use the Gerber bags. From what I have read on the forum, it might be a lipase issue. I am going to try a few different techniques to try to avoid this happening to future milk. I am going to scald it and then just try freezing it in 4oz plastic bottles instead of the bags. After literally pouring all my milk, aka liquid gold down the drain, I will try just about anything not to have to do that again. Good luck with your milk and hopefully you won't have the same problem I did!

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