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Thread: Upper frenulum question

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    Default Upper frenulum question

    I've searched the forum, and haven't found an answer to my question, but hopefully, someone here will know.

    I just visited a lactation consultant who said that my son's lower and upper frenulums need to be clipped. She said that the upper one was pretty bad - would even cause teeth spacing problems in the future - and that clipping it was a little more complicated than clipping the one under the tongue.

    Has anyone here ever had this problem? Can someone tell me what is involved and what the recovery is? I called the pediatrician's office, but they were no help whatsoever! They only said I needed to schedule an appt with the doctor, and that they couldn't do that right then because they were closed.

    Can anyone advise me?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Upper frenulum question

    I work as a dental assistant and was concerned about my sons frenulum also. I talked to my dentist and he said that he would wait until ds was older like 3 or 4 and then he could laser it. It sounded kind of scary but he actually did the procedure on his 8 year old, used a little anesthetic and used the laser, it was a VERY easy procedure, with little pain after it was done. His son will have to have braces because of the spacing in front and other issues but it was very uncomplicated to cut the frenulum. If you got it done early enough you could possibly avoid the braces. Do you have a dentist you feel comfortable with in just bringing him in to evaluate it? He might not do anything this early but could let you know what to expect...HTH!!

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    Default Re: Upper frenulum question

    I've had one that needed the upper and lower frenulums clepped. We did it at 2 weeks old b/c it was causing nursing problems- very painful for me and the latch was terrible! If you are having nursing problems get it done asap. It was done in less than a minute- just a snip, snip, a few drops of blood, and I put baby right to the breast. No problems at all. We used a ped. dental surgeon. hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Upper frenulum question

    My friend just had this done on her 3 week old. She now nurses like a champion and is finally gaining weight properly. She also said she nursed her baby right after the snip to soothe her. It was no big deal for them - just a little worrisome.

    BTW: they didn't bother to check her baby in the hospital for this problem because so many people formula feed. Who knew? It's also called being "tongue tied."

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