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Thread: Home made food and constipation

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    Default Home made food and constipation

    To those experienced mums out there.

    What food tends to constipate babies and what food dosnt? I have noticed banana and sweet potatoe constipate my baby.

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    Default Re: Home made food and constipation

    It may not be the food itelsef (but probably is ) but rather the fact that it is a solid! it may take weeks to fine tune what amount you can give to keep the bm's soft...

    BTW - what makes you feel he is constipated?
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    Default Re: Home made food and constipation

    The biggest offenders tend to be bananas, applesauce and rice cereal, but I found almost everything constipated my son when we first started solids. It gets better as their systems mature. If you think your baby is constipated I would pull back on the solids and make sure your nursing a lot.


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    Default Re: Home made food and constipation

    applesauce shouldn't constipate. In fact, it should help move things along. I do agree with the pp, though...it is probably just the fact that you started solids

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    Default Re: Home made food and constipation

    Rice cereal was the worse, I switched to oatmeal right away b/c it was so bad. I think Cheerios do too, and banana. And meat, mine are little carnivores. Pumpkin seems to help with Gwen (she doesn't like plums), and Jules will eat plums. Sometimes I let them play around with sippy cups after eating solids to get a little extra water in. I remember reading on kellymom that some babies need a little water anytime they eat solids.

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