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    Introduced solids to my baby 10 days ago. She has had rice, apple, pear, sweet potatoe. Her poop is really solid now. I am not sure how exactly its supposed to look. How do I know if she is constipated? I am just used to the mustard type poop. Usually during her feed she starts pooing. Advice anyone?

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    how often is she pooping? does she seem in pain or uncomfy? Is her belly hard? when my little one started solids we went from about 2-4/da to 1 over 1-3 days...plus their new skills (he is crawling an pulling up) make a difference too! HTH

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    i believe that the poop will look like little pebbles if your lo is constipated. pears and peaches are good at loosening things up if you need to. hth
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    At that point it usually looks like peanut butter.

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    As long as the poop is not dry, hard, and difficult to pass, it's not considered constipation.

    If your baby is having probs pooing, you could cut back on the solids for a few days and then re-introduce slowly. Sometimes the digestive system needs a little extra time to adjust.


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