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Thread: Weight gain after weaning

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    Default Weight gain after weaning

    I stopped breastfeeding about 3 or so weeks ago - and have suddenly noticed a big change in how my clothes fit. I had been about the same size for several years, and although I have not lost the last 8 lbs or so after giving birth 20 months ago, can still fit in most of my clothes...that is until last week. Suddenly, I can not button several pairs of pants. So many of my friends told me they lost weight after they weaned their kids....although I dont know if I gained wt or not, I sure have changed some how...
    Do many others have this experience? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Weight gain after weaning

    Hi Oscar's Mom,

    Weight management is basically a reflection on the amount of calories in (food/drink) and calories out (activity). Breastfeeding requires a certain amount of calories out. If your calories in has remained the same, but your calories out has diminished, you would expect weight gain. My understanding is that the weight gain after weaning is generally when you keep going with your regular eating routine and perhaps not recognizing that your body needs less calories now (unless you've taken up more exercising!).

    Hopefully that made some sense. The only other thing that you may want to look into is thyroid issues or other hormonal changes.

    Or you could be pregnant?!


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    Default Re: Weight gain after weaning

    i have packed on about 20 lbs in the 3 months since weaning my son...unbelievable!!!!
    i'm gonna have to start doing something to get my hormones/metabolism back in check.

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    Default Re: Weight gain after weaning

    I picked up some weight after weaning DD, too. I just bought a scale and about died when I saw the actual number. Ugh. I've got some work ahead of me!

    I noticed that I had to re-adjust my diet each time a feeding was dropped, and did a good job of anticipating it and correcting it within a few weeks. The 'official' end of our nursing hasn't been met with the same success, unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Weight gain after weaning

    I was doing weight watchers when I was weaning. I have finally lost the weight I gained with the baby, but I think that had to do with weight watchers rather than weaning. I think the calorie thing makes alot of sense. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Weight gain after weaning

    I gained weight after weaning as well. Less than ten pounds. While nursing, I could eat anything and not gain weight. Not true anymore. I also feel more free to have a beer here and there and that goes straight to my belly. Plus, it seems that my premenstral symptoms, while never severe, were eased a bit by nursing and so maybe I'm bloating a little now too. One or all of these things seem to have made my pants tighter.

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