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Thread: Help? Latch?

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    Question Help? Latch?

    I went for my daughters 2 month appt and the Dr. said if shes eating 11 times a day her latch might be bad and shes not getting enough. But she went from 8'4 and 21 and a half inches long to 10'6 and 23 and a half inches long. I can't tell she does dimple while eating. Same dr also said not to co sleep bc of rolling over and that dd already seems too attached. Tell me how a 2month old can be too attached . I don't know how to fix a latch??

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    Check out your local hospital. They usually have a lactation consultant (LC) on staff. They can probably check your latch for you. I doubt they'd charge you if you just called & talked to them. Also, check out your local LLL chapter. They have people to assist.

    As for a proper latch, my LC advised me to make sure baby has "fish lips" when latched on. The mouth should cover most if not all of the areola (open wide!) and if you hear any sucking or smacking noises, not properly latched. Use your pinky finger to pop the seal & try again. A proper latch means no pulling pain on your nips. A trick they told me was get your LO on and then use your thumb on the hand that's supporting your breast and gently pull down on your LO's lower jaw to open their mouth more. Worked for me.

    I'm no Dr but as for the weight gain, sounds perfectly normal to me. My LO started at 7-11, 20" and at 2mo was 10-3 and 21.5". She's in the 50TH percentile but strong and developing well!

    Eating 11x/day is fine at that age...which probably means you are nursing every 2-3 hrs and getting up in the middle of the night like everyone else here. My LO is 4.5mo and eats around 8x/day but that's b/c I'm working & we have to give her BM bottles while I'm away.

    I agree that rolling over on your LO would pose a problem but the attachment thing sounds like nonsense. You can get a cosleeper bed that basically attaches to the side of your bed. We just hauled the whole crib into our room & have it right next to my side of the bed.

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    I really don't think it's unusual to be nursing that often at 2 months. Some babies are frequent nurslings and that's just how it is. DS was still nursing 10-12 times a day around a year and he certainly didn't have any milk transfer issues. If her latch was bad, you would probably know it b/c she wouldn't be gaining like she is and you would be in pain.

    About the dr., you might want to consider finding someone more in line with your parenting style. You don't need to be questioning your mothering every time you go to the dr. It might work to stick with this dr if you make a point to avoid discussing parenting issues, but if he brings them up, it might be time to look elsewhere.

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    I agree with I man.
    IF baby is growing and thriving why change what you are doing...
    breastmilk dijests very quikly compaired to formula so babies that are breastfeed need to nurse more often.
    there are safe ways to co-sleep and if that is working for you too there is no reason for the doctor to give you parenting advice.

    heres another good link that might help

    and dr sears has great info on safe co-sleeping

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    I can't help you much with your latching questions, because we are having trouble too, but I can tell you that both my ped AND my lactation consultant told us to co-sleep to help my milk production. We co-slept in the hospital too. At first my husband was afraid he would roll over on the baby, but after one night he realized he always knew she was there in his sleep. My ped did say you should never co-sleep if you have had alcohol or sleeping meds, and other then that it is perfectly safe. I love co-sleeping, and I love the extra sleep I get from co-sleeping.
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    It doesn't sound like you have a problem latching. If it doesn't hurt while the baby eats then the latch is most likely right. And doesn't hurt means you feel absolutely no pain, nada. It nearly feels just like if your getting nipple massage..lol. But seriously, I bet that if your baby was latched on wrong you would feel it and have already been looking for help.

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