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Thread: NICU won't allow me to BF.

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    i had problems with the NICU too. anytime we had a problem with nurses we went straight for the dr. They always overruled the nurses and told us she was OUR daughter and WE made the decisions and the nurses' jobs were to help us do what we thought was best and to make sure that our lo was getting all the care she needed NOT to make our lives more stressed with their policies. They were always very open to questions and always sided with us. Unfortunately we didn't figure this out until she had been there awhile and we had already lost several battles with the nurses.

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    My DS was born at 34 1/2 and we had the same problem. They only let me nurse a couple times a day because DS was loosing weight and they said nursing took too much energy for ds. But I insisted he only get breast milk even from the bottle. I agree with pp about talking to the doctor. I wish I had known so much more than I did. I was not prepared at all for a premie and didn't know what my rights were as a mother.
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    My dd was born at 32 weeks and spent 3 weeks in special care. We had the same issue with bf. We worked out a compromise that was beneficial for my baby. It was definitely too much to nurse her every 3 hours. She would do awful. So we agreed to alternate the type of feeding. Every other feeding I would nurse with a follow up with the NG tube and then every other feeding we would bottle feed. Of course I did not bottle feed, either my husband, the nurse or MIL bottle fed because I didn't want her to relate bottle with me. You need to make sure your desires are voiced because they will easily run over you. Not every hospital is as supportive about bf as others. So you need to make sure they know you are the boss. At the same time, I would consider what's best for your baby too. Even though I caved and did bottle every other feeding it was always my milk. Hang in there. It is so difficult to have your lo in special care in the first place, but to be followed up by not supporting your wishes makes it even more difficult. Stay in control.

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    I'm with all the pps. My first son was born at exactly 33 weeks, and I was adamant that I wanted to BF. He had the NG tube in, but at every feed time, we would have him out of the incubator or cot, put him to the breast and see how he went. At first it would be that he would just have a lick, then a small suck, then eventually onto nursing for a few minutes. Whatever he did, we would assess how much he had taken from me, and then supplement through his tube accordingly.

    I would definitely challenge this policy. Good luck.
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