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Thread: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

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    so sorry that happened...

    dr.s can be such idiots...there have been so many studies about the nutritional value of breastmilk going UP not DOWN after a year...i agree that it might be a deal breaker with dr.

    we got lucky b/c our dr. is thrilled with ds (30 lbs. at 6 mos. BM only until 12 mos.), but i know that most dr.s here say that 6 weeks is long enough...long enough for what? long enough to cheat the dairy industry out of a customer or keep revenue from the formula companies?

    i think its inane to even have to say extended BF like its some kind of cult...like we're "lactation nazis" or something?

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    Default Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

    First of all, well done on breastfeeding for a year. That's great!

    It's a shame your doctor couldn't be more positive. It always bemuses me that some people seem to think that breastfeeding for 365 days is fantastic, but on the 366th day it virtually becomes toxic!

    It must be difficult for you to know what to do for the best. Your doctor has upset you by talking in this way. Her views are her personal opinion, which she's of course entitled to hold, but they are not medical facts. IMHO, she ought not try to influence you in this way - I would be angry if my doctor offered forceful and unsolicited advice on my parenting based only on her personal views. However, you've been happy with her before this and have so far trusted her judgement. You may struggle to find a doctor who "ticks all the boxes" so you may be better sticking with one who meets most of your requirements. I guess it depends if you still feel you can trust her or not, and how much this incident will affect your relationship with her. It's a tough one! I hope you find a solution you are happy with in the end.

    Wherever you go from here, you've done a great job in reaching this milestone. I don't think there's a right or a wrong age to wean, it all depends on the individual mother and baby. I've never actually weaned a baby - my first self weaned at 3.5 years and the next 2 are still nursing - so I won't attempt to offer any advice, just to wish you good luck with whatever you decide.

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    I say to go to a pediatrician for medical treatment & info, but not to expect a pediatrician to be a source for parenting decisions (weaning, sleeping, etc).

    Yes - BF past one does have good benefits for the LO that medical professionals SHOULD be educating people about, but not everyone gets it.

    Just so people know that there are medical professionals who "get it", so far everyone in our medical team who knows that my almost 14 mo old is BF is totally supportive, and even more so because of DS's food allergies.

    Oh - and I've decided that I HATE saying "still BF" because somehow it implies that we're doing something wrong or abnormal.

    I've started to say that DS is "continuing to breastfeed" ! That sounds much more postitive to me
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    Default Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

    Quote Originally Posted by lsksam View Post
    I've started to say that DS is "continuing to breastfeed" ! That sounds much more postitive to me

    I'm stealing this!!

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    Congratulations on breastfeeding for a year! Good for you .

    No doubt you already know this, but your milk doesn't somehow mysteriously turn into water after your baby's first birthday. It is still loaded with nutrients and antibodies that will continue to grow your baby's body and mind for as long as you decide to continue nursing her.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least the first full year of baby's life, and thereafter as long as it is mutually desirable to mother and baby. You might remind your pediatrician of her own professional organization's positive opinion of extended breastfeeding.

    Have you read MOTHERING YOUR NURSING TODDLER by Norma Jane Bumgarner? It's a great read, and will help you make the decisions that are right for you and your baby...whenever you decide to wean.

    Here's a link to some more great information on the benefits of nursing beyond one year: http://www.llli.org/NB/NBextended.html .


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    Smile Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

    My ped said the same thing at our 12 mth check up. What is really galling is that there is no way you would bother to learn how to breastfeed and then continue to breastfeed for as long as a year unless you had done a lot of reading and other research about the benefits and then made some serious decisions about it. Given that people continuing to BF at this point must have already formed some pretty strong conclusions about it, why on earth do these doctors think we would just dismiss everything else we've read and heard about BFing just because they "don't think there's any benefit" after a set number of months? Just doesn't make any sense. Grr! OK, rant over.

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    Congratulations on making it to one year, and welcome to this board!!

    UGHHH!! I can't believe how many doctors still give out this type of BS advice?! I think that doctors from other cultures often very quickly become Americanized, kwim? Also, I think that even in many cultures where long-term BFing was the norm for a very long time, more recently rates have fallen as people try to be more like the west. I'm not sure about current stats for India, but I know that it has happened in many places, and that the info about breastfeeding lags even behind that in the US.

    I just don't understand how so many doctors can be so uneducated, and how we continue to not be able to get the message across. It just baffles me. While the AAP simply recommends BFing for at least a year, and as long thereafter as mom and baby want, the American Academy of Family Physicians actually has a statement that says doctors should warn parents that weaning before age 2 could have negative health consequences for the baby. I have not once ever heard a mom say that their doctor actually gave them that warning/advice. Even the ones who are supportive of extended BF don't usually say anything remotely close to that, even though its the position of their professional organization. What gives???

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    Default Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!


    It doesn't take 8+ years of college to know that if a baby's hungry and the mother has milk to give that the baby should nurse at whatever age(considering everything else is emotionally/mentally and physically ok with them).

    Sometimes I think Drs get really programmed to say things and it just comes out as part of the Dr. "routine". We have a good friend who is a Doc and sometimes I don't understand the "common" stuff he says because he is very open minded and progressive.

    Big congrats on your year mark!!

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    Default Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

    I too had planned to wean at a year, but when a year came we didn't want to give DS cow's milk. When looking for alternatives to cow's milk, we found everywhere that breast milk is the best. Now my son will have breast milk until 2, whether directly from me or from a bottle. I think it's sad that so many doctors are uninformed! We don't always see eye to eye with our ped, but we understand we will have that anywhere we go. He at least respects our differences, so we have stuck with him.

    Congrats on making it so far Sasha!! I know you have had some struggles along the way & I think you are awesome for sticking it out this long!
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    Default Re: Wow... Never thought I'd post here!

    Well, I'm brand new here - first post today, but I'm nursing my 3rd child now (10 months old), and my pediatrician told us at the 9 month visit that breastmilk at this point is just a "Slim Fast Diet" for my baby! Can you imagine? Now, thankfully I have enough experience and information to know that is NOT true, but imagine the moms who believe him and stop nursing early because of this ridiculously false info.

    I'm very interested in learning more about extended nursing as I have always weaned at a year, but this time I'd like to go longer (as long as baby is interested).

    Looking forward to learning lots from you all.

    Have a great weekend

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