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    Hello, when my lo is nursing at night we both lay down. Well last night i noticed milk was dripping out of his nose. I thought it was from his mouth but i started watching and it was dripping out of his nose!!! Help! He goes to the dr on Tues. and he will be 2 months on Sunday

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    Wow, that happened to us once a few weeks ago! She started coughing and shrieked like she was in pain, so I assumed she had just accidentally snorted some of the milk up through her nose (like what happens when you laugh too hard while drinking). I'm curious if anyone else knows why this happens!
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    Well I don't know why, but I have heard this before so I think it might be a normal occurance.

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    Owen did this for a while, and he would spit up through his nose too. Doc said no worries but to watch the nasal passages for blockage.
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    This happens to us aswell. Sometimes when a Mother has Overactive Letdown the sheer force of the milk can cause milk to come out of the nose. Another reason it can happen is when baby is positioned flat or with his/her head tilted in a weird way. It happens often during our toddler breastfeeding gymnastic sessions. I don't see how it can be bad since its suggested to squirt BM up the nose for a stuffy nose.
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