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Thread: nipple pain

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    My LO is 11 days old. I'm still having some difficulty like the people that posted in earlier threads, which I read, with positioning. I had an infection that was starting to develop and my doc gave me meds for that. I had been wearing nipple shells, just to keep the nipple from touching anything while I'm not nursing. I can't wear them everywhere because they look ridiculous under clothes, but when I switch to nursing pads my nipples get all squished up and hurt really bad. Then when I nurse, they are really painful and I can't tell if it's the latch or just the nipples still in pain from being squished up in the pad. Any suggestions? How do you get used to the pads?

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    Have you looked into reusable cloth nursing pads? Those can be gentler on your skin.

    When you say that your nipple is sore, is it the skin, or an aching in the nipple/breast?

    Are you using lanolin on your nipples between feeding? That really helped me. I made sure to ALWAYS put it on before a shower because in the early days, when the water touched my nipples, it really hurt.

    Have you had your latch checked by a La Leche League Leader or a lactation consultant?
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    Basically everything the previous poster said.

    I would like to add that skin needs to breath, so a nipple sheild isn't going to be the best thing to wear for nipple discomfort around the house. You don't want the nipple to stay sweating and breeding bacteria inside a plastic sheild. In the early days of nursing as the nipple is stretched it can be very uncomfortable.

    When you nurse do you notice that after removing baby your nipple looks mishapped? This can be a sign that your latch might need some work.

    What sort of positions are you breast feeding in? We would love to offer some information on latch correction. Look at this website, it has free movies.

    Just so you get a sense thatlwe understand how you feel, I have enclosed a link to my very second thread I started on this board last year: All about nipple pain.
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    Let me answer some questions:
    I'm currently using disposable Lansinoh pads. Where can you get cloth ones?

    The Pain: The pain is in the nipple. I can't really describe it, but when I wear a pad they ache even when I'm not nursing. I went back to wearing the shell today and it even made nursing so much easier.

    I'm using lanolin between nursings, as well as dipping my breast in salt water, patting dry, and applying a creme (mupiricin?) that the doctor gave me to help with the infection. She didn't really say what I had, but it looked like something was beginning to start. I'm on fluconazole for yeast, and dicloxicillin.

    I talked to an LLL leader over the phone but she didn't say anything about making house calls and I didn't ask.

    About the nipple shells, not shields, shells. They have holes in it so that air can circulate, they keep the nipple kind of suspended in air where nothing is touching it. They're just annoying when you forget they're on, and bend over and milk leaks everywhere! I empty them, wash, and dry them after every feed.

    Basically, I'm going from nothing touching the nipple to being squished in a pad. I think I'll try to get some cotton ones. We're still working on the latch and it seems to be getting better and better. Sometimes when I pull out the left one, it's a bit flat. I have more trouble with that side and can't seem to manuever her around. It's a little more difficult for a few days since she's hooked up to a billi. blanket for a touch of jaundice. She only has to wear it till Monday, but it has a thick hose coming from her back and it gets in the way!

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Default Re: nipple pain

    is it possible to go without a bra, and maybe a soft tank under your shirt whileyou're home?

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